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 int med vs family practice  

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can u people list the advantages of int med vs. family practice?


in family practice you have gyneac , surg and pead little of all.

in gen medicine ony medicine. and you can have many channels later to do fellowship.


thanks but which is more competetive? I mean int med right?

but my friend who has less score than mine got interview from int med not from fm, but i did not recieve any call from int med?

can anyone please tell m the procedure of switching, as I enter into fm and than switch to int med?can ths happen?

I appreciate your answers


Switch? It's not a switch. It's applying through ERAS and the match again after you are in family practice. Most persons would have to start as a first year resident again.


is int med - ped residency better than fm. if yes how?


I think its individual choice and preference.If you'r referring to income then IM,Paeds,FM all earn in the same income bracket.
There is demand for docs in all fields.
FM allows you to have personal time as work hours are more relaxed than other programs.For someone who has a family and kids that may be more appealing as they have time to spend with them.For those who love children then Paeds will be more desirable.


you mean that fm,intmed and peds all have same income?
and bbb I want to ask that can I apply again and will pd allow me to do so?


I found that many IM programs cover elements of FM. Even you are in IM program, you still get chance to rotate in GYN etc to learn the basics for FM. If you are not sure about IM versus FM, I would say you go to IM. It's always easy to switch from IM to FM after residency, but coming from FM it would be hard to get fellowship in subspecialties of IM.


In my opinion, its best to stick to 1 residency get it over with and move on rather than do 1 residency and then find that you didnt like it and re-do it again.

Yes they all earn around the same amount its usually 140-160,000.I dont think income should be considered in choosing residency......follow what your heart says.


Veer-Zaara wrote:
I dont think income should be considered in choosing residency......follow what your heart says.

well said ... veer zaara as in SRK and PZ ?


hi, i dont have idea about fm coz in my country there is no such speciality.but i heard in u.s primary care has shortage of doctors.
is family practise more of out patient management or will one have cases who have to be given in patient care?are work hrs very flexible like say 8-5 job?
pls guys can any one explain me how it works here in u.s?do you have to work in hospital or can you have ur one private setting?


can some one please tell me how i can switch from IM to FM after my IM residency is over. I want to do IM because if i have 2 come back to my country i can be accepted as IM in a hospital. where as deepdown i want to do FM for flexible time table




You apply thru ERAS again I think

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