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 NB F3 S1 Reticular Formation  

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an acute extensive b/L lesion in the reticular formation of the tegmentum of the mid brain is most likely toresult in


intractable pain

loss of consciousness


rapid eye movt




I too think it's insomnia...


sorry ans changed, its loss of conciousness


,nod, LOSS OF CONCIOUSNESS when leison in reticualr formation region


yes reticular formation is active through out and it keeps us awake and conscious. it should either cause narcolepsy or loss of consiuosness. in narcolepsy the would be normal awake states in between attacks so that cannot be the effect


can anybody explain me y loss of conciousness is correct ans..i read in kaplan that reticuler formation there r 3 nuclei

paohe nuclei...secrete serotinin...for mood,aggression,induction of REM sleep

locus carelus....secrete NE ...for arosal

periaquiductal grey...opioid receptors presemt here for pain..

reticuler formation involves all of the choices so y the ans is loss of conciousness?


I think drsnq means "raphe nucleus," if Im not mistaken.raised eyebrow

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