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 anybody taking test in next few wks  

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hi i am an img about to appear for the test in 3 wks time
is anybody a[ppearing in test in next few wks
would like to share strategies n concerns smiling face


hey i remember when i had three weeks left -- i just took the test nov 26 -- hope i did well but i never know -- but i know how nervewrecking it can be for the few weeks before -- but my only advice is to review biochem toward the last few days again because thats easily forgotten and check out my post on "i am taking the test today" -- i wrote my feedback after the test -- also if you feel nervous, remember soooo many people take this test -- you are not alone -- no one can ask you to do better than your best - even if you fail doing your best you shouldnt be upset if you did your best -- and dont be tempted to wind down too early before the test -- give it all you got -- youd be surprised that perhaps something you review that morning or the nite before in leisure even will be on the test -- be relaxed the last few days tho and just glance thru charts and pictures and so on --- dont wear yourself out - but everyone is different if you find yourself getting more and more agitated /nervous in the last few days -- relax -- do what makes you feel good -- tell yourself its ok to do whatever makes you feel least stressed -- good luck and i wish you the best!


hi jaRyn
thanks i ll keep your advice in mind
i would like to know how many ?? you were doing on an avg during last few days


i am taking the test on the 29th. i really am not sure if how am i doing and how would i do on the exam day ! i had thought things would begin to look up towards the end days but my scores on the practice tests are not improving sad don't know what to expect ?!!


yeah i am taking it on dec 31

i feeel the same and dont know if am completely prepared or not any way keep in touch my mail id is [email protected]


hey guys
i m taking the exam before you on 23 dec and this time is actually too confusing i guess bec you don t really know whether to read the whole theory or just the salient point bec invariably while doing q you find facts which you find you have not covered .thats the whole idea of doing q that you cover as much as possible
i feel its very crucial time and the idea is not to get discouraged and keep going . i hope we ll all do well smiling face


hey enfield.. i know it may seem like you are not getting too muh better in the end -- but like niha says -- you really should just absorb whatever you can like a sponge -- what worked for me or made me feel more relaxed and on track was that i began putting major pathways and diseases and anything i thought i would not want to but might forget unless i reviewed again onto index cards! such a great way to just quickly review random important bits I thought.. also if you guys are working off kaplans books make a list of picture or charts/ graph pages you want to review the week and up to the nite b4 depending how well u know it -- also just before the exam i could not studya certain subject without feeling like there was sooo much more left to do so i just did what ever i felt like doing -- that way the interest is there and bouced around from subject to subject and didnt feel too much pressure for stayin on one subject


my problem is not as much as about trying to read more and more new things but not to forget what i have already done! i mean there r a lot of things which i would have done some 40-50 days ago, they would just be a dim memory by the day of the exam. afterall you can't read everything and remember everything in a day ! of course going over things again and again helps to consolidate the memory and that is what i am doing right now. basically i am doing questions , whatever i can get my hand on. and alongside the questions i just review the things which i feel i should. however what discourages me is the fact that i tned to forget things and i can't get more than 35-40 questions right on a 50 question block and i just did a kaplan simulated cd block ,which i had left untouched, yesterday and got only 28/50 sad though my cumulative average for the whole test was 62%( it was 64% before this block) so i wondered if i was improving or going down ?!!


hey enfield just chill
there are times when i get 40 q right n sometimes 25
its variable and thats not something i m worried about incidentally i got 62 % on kaptest exam cd last week and i knew how dissappointing it can be .
but i also belive that when you are sitting in exam you rem info that you never knew existed for your classe wards and i have gone thru some posts wher people who have done well on q bank but not on exam soi dont measure yr self on that yardstick.
i feeel if you score 68-70% on your exam that should get you good score on two digit score
so dont worry and dont let setbacks slacken your place and while i say this i feel much stronger, we ll do this, just keep going smiling face


thanks ! thats true ! and i am just trying to grasp as much as i can right now. however anatomy is killing me, i hate it like anything.anyways good luck to you too and do let know about your exam experience.


hello niha!
i was just wondering if you have taken the NBME self assessment test?! if you did what was your score? and how to compare it with the real step 1 scores? i just did it and got a score of 460. i don't know how to interpret it?i heard that the NBME self test is the closest to the real step 1 ! so that should be a good judge of one's standing ! but since they gave a different kind of a score report i am confused. though someone on another forum told that he/she had scored 490 on the NBME 4 days before the exam and his/her final score was 90/220!


i did the sample q and i was worse off than you but i have exam next week i cant afford to get disheartened. i ll just do the best i can
i did nt buy those q though, did you? i toyed with the idea but decide bec i heard that dont give you answers and explanations. anyway even nbme says that its not the criteria for your preparedness and as per that i m borderline. but one q per subject is not fair assessment anyway. i did find kaptest easy comparatively. actually right now i am not concentraating on who did what bec there is no dearth of study material n every who did well can justify the study material they use what do you think

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