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 path q1  

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which risk factor is not associated with carcinoma of the stomach?
a.use of nitrites as food preservative
b.high intake of animal fat
c.pernicious anemia
d.chronic gastritis
e.blood group A


Is it e?


"srk2fd" wrote:
Is it e?

it is B



But chronic atrophic gastritis


answer d


whats the answer?


Pernicous Anemia


my name is shimrit
the answer is c
it is associated with preservatives and pickled food and with atrophic gastritis but not necessrily pernicious anemia


I think c


b looks like the cause of ca colon not stomach :o


ans is b...
infact animal fat is protective for carcinoma stomach
see this link


yep..ans is B... they have looked at it in Finnish studies, where rate of animal fat consumption is high, gastric Ca is low..and CAD is very high.

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