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 ectopic pregancy  

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Most ectopic pregnancies are located in the fallopian tube. The most common site is the ampullary portion of the tube, where over 80% occur. I am not sure if you are asking about the location of an abdominal ectopic in presence of a free fluid in abdomen (??) about right lower quadrant of abdomen...raised eyebrow...logic being, that any free fluid should be located in the most dependent part...the pouch of Douglas (unless the fluid itself is due to a ruptured tubal ectopic!???!)

.....ofcourse, I am not sure if this is indeed the right answer...


Edited by Doc2378 on Nov 26, 2005 - 12:12 AM


ectopic pregnancy most common site ampullary part of the fallopian tube


sudden abdominal pain

last mensus 60 days ago or more

intraperitonial blood in culdocentesis

and positive hcg test


first of all:talking about RUPTURED or PROGRESSING ectopic pregnancy? I suspect, ruptured, considering free fluid.

MOST PROBABLE implantation is always fallopian tube.


can u please reframe the question, did they tell she was pregnant, if yes did they ask the most common site of ectopic, or the mostcommon site where the fluid was found


another thing , it was for sure a case of pregnancy because her period was 12 weeks ago and her HCG was very high .


I would think the site of implantation was abdominal cavity, the most probable place would be Douglas pouch, if she had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy in fallopian tube she would definitely not be stable...


"IN THIS CASE"-is a distractor. Most probable location for ectopic pregnancy is always fallopian tube. If there's is fluid in peritoneal cavity, it always collects in Douglas pouch. This fluid also indicates(and gives you idea) that there was ruptured ectopic pregnancy. And this fluid is most likely blood. About whether she was stable-it could be, it means her condition does not deteriorate since she was admitted to the hospital. So, you made the right choice. Not likely they would ask about abdominal site of implantation, which is extremely rare, on step 1.


Thank you guys for the discussion .


well i too think the answer was ruptured ectopic, in fallopian tube, and the cul de sac findings could be still be stable if the rupture was very recent

so i would go for an ectopic fallopian tube

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