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 Leading cause of meningitis age 2?  

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Please tell me whether you know what organism is the leading cause of meningitis these days for ages 1 month to 18 years? The H. influenza vaccine has reduced the number of infections of the latter apparently, so one source said that N. meningitidis is now the leading cause. Is this correct?



thats right, haemophilus is no more the leading cause, its nesseria meningitidis

for a new born as u must be knowing the leading cause is st. agalatiae, then e. coli, then listeria


yeah...just remember "GEL" for newborn B streptococcus(agalactiae)


L..listeria monocytogens

from 1 month to 18 years....N.meningitidis

from 18 years to onwards...S .pneumoneae


Just to add 2 cents:
They have been asking this same question in different way, such as:
Leading cause of Meningitis in a child between the age gp of 1mth to 18yrs is
1) Gram positive diplococci
2) Gram negative diplococci
3) Gram negative rod

< 1 month: grp B Strep (agalac), E coli, L monocytogens
1 mth - 18 yrs: Strep pneumonia, N meningitidis
adults: N meningitidis

(Please correct me if not!)

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Thanks for the answers to my original question


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