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 Heparin and osteoporosis?  

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Can anyone please tell me why heparin causes osteoporosis?



shaking head That is at full therapeutic doses 20,000 units per day for at least 3-6 months. Id be more concerned about it occasionally causing hyperkalemia and inhibiting aldosterone.That answer is not in Goodman and Gilman, perhaps it inhibits osteoblastic activity. or promotes osteoclastic activity


The exact cellular mechanism in which heparin induces bone loss is not completely understood. Heparin causes increased bone resorption by stimulating osteoclasts and suppressing osteoblast function, leading to decreased bone mass.
Other proposed mechanisms include depletion of mast cells in bone marrow and enhancement of parathyroid hormone function.


yes at the dosages mentioned abv for the time period of 6 mnths a pt will develop severe Osteoporosis

"High doses (15,000-30,000 units of heparin daily) and long-term therapy (> 6 months) appear to be required for development of this lesion. The mechanism by which heparin produces an osteopenic bone lesion is uncertain. Early studies of bone cell homogenates suggested that heparin enhanced collagenolytic activity and decreased lysosomal stability. In addition, heparin, because of its polyanionic nature, binds a number of different ions including calcium and thereby may impair calcification. The anticoagulant has also been shown to sensitize bone to the resorptive activity of parathyroid hormone (PTH). Heparin does not, however, cause increased PTH release. Others have speculated that heparin may cause resorption by partially replacing the normal mucopolysaccharide matrix of bone.""

here is the link where i found it[/left]

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