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 my diary....sturge  

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i thought i will start a diary too, to keep me motivated, i am losing motivation it seems,

my target for the day,

1. 100 questions q bank revision

2.pharma 2 chapters with multiples

3. 50 mcqs revise gen

lets see how much i do


Edited by sturge_weber on Nov 12, 2005 - 2:23 PM


hey sturge

nice to see you here... hope U will do ur best now.. Qbank 100 days per day is really goood start in your diary... are you doing ur second or third along with it ???

evrybody loses motivation in end months.nod



hey reet, thanks for the input,all the best to u too, when is ur test

i am doing my q bank first time,

but today 100 questions re a revision of the q bank already done, its half day gone and 70 questions revised,

Edited by sturge_weber on Nov 12, 2005 - 2:24 PM


day 1 target, 100 questions revised, 30 more revised, couldnt complete pharma

Day 2. target... 100 questions

pharma 1 chapter


thanx a lot sturge.the main factor for this exam is not to lose focus and just keep going


nov. 15

target.... 1.200 questions q bank revise

2.anticancer drugs


keep it up sturge will do good in your exam...


hey sturge ,

when u taking ur exam.....?? which date??

all the best


good morning and thanks guys for the wishes

target not reached yesterday

could only finish 60 new mcqs and explanations, did anticancer and toxicology

hey reet my exam is next month but i might postpone it by a few days


nov 16.

target 100 mcqs revise


well i amabout to sleep,

target not reached, only 50 questions done, losing focus, getting distracted, get upset for nothing, so my output is really going down, need to focus...

god save me


50 is good for today. You will do 100 tomorrow. Keep it up my friend. Step by step. Just stick on to your comitment, and you can do it.....
God will save you coz God helps those who help themselves....


thanks gps, hope i will do 100 tomorrow,

and all the best to u, keep going,

as they say drop by drop makes an ocean



u know ,everyone feels the same in couple of weeks before test... 50 questions are really good. BELIEVE urself ..u did a great job cuz 50 questions with explaination (50..4= 200) so,, u are almost near to100 questions which makes ur strong concepts. ANYWAYS u need a break fr a day, i think. or just take a lilttle breaks after evry 2 hours.

Dont be upset, keep focus on studies... make ur study time interesting,,look fr litlle refernce here there then again stick to ur qbank.or sometimes read topic a bit loud to hear urself .

dont write todays target 100 q,, might be its stressing when u dont reach ur target.. i would rather say..((i have finished this much , will add more now))..SO drop by drop make ur OCEAN

hope it helps

GOD will save u,HE is always there

Edited by reet on Nov 17, 2005 - 9:26 AM


thanks reet

u made my day


well did 130 mcqs yesterday

hope to improve more today

all the best to alll...


hi all and diary,

I am also perp for usmle1.have to do atleast finish10chaps in patho.thought it will go fast as have read once before.should finish patho by tomorrow.its 2.45pm.have to read upto7.oopm.then from9.30pm-1.00am.hope i do it.


smiling face..U r cute aprepdoc.Here let me teach u.Look all of us are starting our own journal.So this one is sturge's journal.U will start your own oksmiling face..Once u start it,write about your progress there and I will help u in that oksmiling face


well guys, my prep is going ok...

but just wanted to wish all happy thanksgiving,

enjoy the day....well i am getting attracted to the after thanksgiving early bird offers, but god give me the courage to control myself, and focus

guys enjoy the turkey....grin



i can see ur posts,,now u are doing better i think!!!


KEEP GOING...........nod

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