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 Baylor is no no  

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from the rejection letter, i can imagine what type of PD they have.

rejection letter from program director

Amir Halevy, MD(you better go and learn communication skills and have more respect for others)
Director Internal Medicine Residency Program, Baylor College of Medicine Program
Director First Appointed: March 1, 2000
Phone: (713) 798-0206
Fax: (713) 798-0207

Dear Applicant:

Your application for a first year residency position in the Department
of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine has been received.

Review of your application materials by our Level I Selection Committee
indicates that your chances of acceptance into our program appear to be quite
low. An interview is unlikely to be productive in securing a residency position
in our Program.

We hope you find a training position that meets your needs.

compare with these other rejection letters.

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your application to our Internal Medicine and Preliminary Medicine Residency Programs at ...........

We regret that due to the large number of applicants to our program, we are unable to interview all candidates. After careful review of your application by our program director, we are unable to arrange a personal interview for you.
Thank you for your interest in our program and best of luck with your future medical education.


the best rejection letter i have got so far (the difference with Baylor is obvious)

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your recent application for our training program in InternalMedicine at the University of ...... Medical Center. As with many other Internal Medicine training programs in university hospitals, we have experienced a continuing increase in the number of well-qualified applicants.
Although this has been a gratifying response, our commitment to thorough and extensive review of each applicant has resulted in expanding time commitments on the part of our housestaff and faculty. Furthermore, we have become aware of the significant hardship in terms of time and money that the
interview process has created for many applicants. For these reasons, first-year residency applicant interviews are held by invitation following a thorough review of the completed application form with supporting letters.

After a careful review of your application, we feel that an interview would cause an unnecessary expenditure of your time and resources. Because of the large volume of applications we have received, we feel that your relative chance of being selected in our program is low. Because of this, and
because we want to be fair and honest with all applicants, it would not be in your best interest to pursue an interview at this particular time.

We thank you again for your interest in our program. We are sorry that our current limitation on number of available residency positions limits the number of applicants we can consider for our program. Best of luck to you as you pursue your medical career.

Internal Medicine Education Committee

Edited by bobby on Nov 11, 2005 - 7:07 PM


these are generic rejection letters and should be taken with a grain of salt.


Dont read into rejection letters so much and dont take them personally. The PD has most likely not written this. I do understand your emotions and reaction though.


This guy/gal should be about to finish his/her residency by now!smiling face


LOL!!! I am laughing so hard right now!!!!!!!! Oh my god!!! I did not notice this was such an old post!! Thanks genbot!


But why docmagneto dug out this post after 4 years

rolling eyesrolling eyes


probably because he/she matched at Baylor!!! maybe digging out some information.

BTW there is a different PD now.


this is hilarious...smiling face way to mislead people...!!!!!!!!!!!!

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