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I gave my CS in LA on Sept 24th.Oasis updated on 2nd Nov,and i passed.

I was worried about the results but now am relieved.I did the USMLEWORLD cases a couple of times,did not practise with anyone and also read some portions of the FirstAid book.I prepared for 2 weeks just reading the cases for 3-4 hrs everyday (

Most of the cases on my exam were covered in USMLEWORLD cases.I ran out of time for my first case itself and had to end the encounter abruptly and the SP had a look of surprise on her face when i left the room,and after that i felt ,i had lost it.But got thru the rest of the cases on time and closed the encounter and counselled in 1-2 cases.Forgot to tell SP about pelvic exam for 1 case and did not do well in the Pediatric case.But I knocked on the door and always draped the patient and never forgot to wash hands and answered their questions as best as i could.Alhamdullilah i passed.Because i messed the first case itself i was very tensed about the results.

Good Luck to all those preparing for this exam.

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After a long wait got my result yesterday.I passed cs.I am an old grad.Took Kaplan 5 day course that helped me a lot cz I was totally out of it.Including the 5 day class I studied about 2 weeks or may be few days more.I also did UW and FA.I did not practice (other than what I did at kaplan).I was not too sure about my performance esp notes writting and all the slinical aspects of the test.Other part like being pleasant, respectfull , draping washing hands bla bla ,I was sure I did good on that.My english is OK(not my first language.I am vry busy these day, doing my observership ,so please pardon me if I don't reply promptly.Good luck to u all

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