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 ECFGM forgot to scan my Lor  

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Was wondering why it's been 2 weeks but my last Lor still not uploaded. Called ECFMG and found out they FORGOT to scan the letter!! mad They said they will do it today and upload tomorrow. Oh well I can't change anything right now, hopefully this didn't screw up my application too much. shaking head

If your documents not uploaded 1 week after they receive the file, I suggest you to call them. Good luck everyone.


How do you know when they receive the LOR's??, I dont know if the doctors I asked for it have send it


This Lor was sent by me since I didn't waive my right to see it. For the ones that I waived my right to see, the doctors did let me know when they sent the letters. It should be ok to ask the doctors if the letters were sent. Sometimes they forgot.


Thank you Wombat. I'll ask them (its just going to be kind of emberrasing to me)


Don't worry about that. Actually I waited for 1 months after a doctor agreed to write me Lor. Because he is very busy person, I was wondering if he totally forgot that. I ended up contacting his secretary (I do know her) and she asked me to send her cover letter so she can make sure to mail it. It took only one day to send the letter!! I regretted for not asking earlier. So don't be afraid to ask. Once they agree to write, they will do it. Sometimes they are just too busy to remember things like this.

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