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 my study journal  

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hi reet,

GL on your test in Jan. Yes I'm running out of time. My step 2 eligibility is expiring soon. that's why I studied right after my step 1 exam. i hope to do all my readings fr Boards & Wards, FA & UW soon. So whatever it takes I will take my exam & enjoy the rest of the Holidays. My family's sacrificing also. Wish me more luck again.

Thanks Buddy!


"When you set your mind to it, you'll get through it"

Happy studying everyone!


Kero, good luck to you. I do hope that you get to finish the exams succesfully before the holidays. Give it your all, buddy! Your efforts will be rewarded.

I love the saying "trust in God, but lock your car". Just remain practical too, and make sure you are ready to get a good score in the exams before you take them! wink


Almost done w/ UW. Lots of distractions or should I say lots of things going on this Holiday season. Hope to finish my ist readings in all subjects by the 15th. A little more sacrifice & things will be alright. I keep on telling myself about that. REALITY is quite stressfull thinking about studying & having fun at the same time. Guilty about it all the time but can't avoid. Don't want to be spoiling my kids fun...Oh well.. Im not making any sense but hey i don't let a day pass without studying..

Have a great day everyone!


Anyone here using the IM Qbank??


Finished w/ Ob & Peds.. Started Outpt. med. I am also doing my revisions from my UW notes.

I hope to finish my plan before this test. Pls. help me GOD!

Have a wonderful review guys... I'll be back on Monday night. Going OOT w/ family. VEGAS time. Our last trip for the yr 2005...


Did not read for 3 days but was able to catch up a little since 2:30am today. Will concentrate more. I'm motivating myself to have a great 2006... Study Study study.. This step will soon be over. i will pass..I will pass.. i will pass. Keep saying it to myself!!


The forum seems to be not so busy as I've noticed. Maybe bec of the holidays or people are just "observing". I believe that a more active forum is more motivating .

Anyway... I did pretest for Psych & got 70%. Also did MCQ's for Surgery & got 50% so I need to watch my DVD. I forgot my general principles already. So we'll work on that today. My oh my... weather here in Northern Ca is stormy, rainy.. more apt for staying under the blanket & just sleep but CAN"T do THAT.. got to study!!! Oh well few more weeks & I can soundly sleep..

Good Luck folks & have a productive Sunday!!


My review going well inspite of busy extra curricular activities... I am doing revisions in my weak areas such as Endo, Cardio & neuro. In other words mostly IM. i hope to finish my mle CD, & if got time will do nbme this week. Hopefully will give me addt'l. motivation to go for the exam. It depends on my score. As everyone said this has a true correlation w/ the actual exam. Pls help me God.

Pls pray for me for strength & courage & full concentration.


did Cardio Q's early today... Still has room for improvement. Tough but hey Kero.. you can do it!!

I will pass this exam!!!


hey lisam,

thanks for your pm. maybe we can discuss things by end of the holidays.. thanx..




Merry Christmas to you too, Kero! Hows it going?


It has been a super reading day for me yest. Finished neuro, did q's & learned a lot. Finished w/ Neuro. Hope to have raised my score by studying the HY. Did Infectious Dses. early this am... I will finish up q's in my mle cd today. Will revise/review my notes on OB-Gyn, Peds. & Surgery.

I need to have more conc. & focus!! Ihope & pray to finish all of the above today!


It's been a long time since I wrote here in my diary step2. well life's been soo busy over the holidays till the end of this month bec of my precious children's activities.. My son is doing great & can't ask for more But if it's not too much to ask from Him then I'm asking Him again for help to clear step2. So I still read my FA qday .. my oh my I feel like I'm getting oldie.... my hubby's joking how could i keep up w/ younger co-residents later... I know i can.. just got to ask help from family again later.. i hope evryone's working hard... GL kingsofke,lisam,sobia, shyma & all others for step 2 prep... KERO


Hi Kerochi, good to read your posts again. I am glad to know you are doing well. We can certainly ask anything of God in prayer and if it is good for us, God will surely grant it to us. With age comes wisdom and a certain appreciation of life......and thats priceless, right? wink


HI Kerochi ,

This is for the first time I am seeing this prep journal here ,and I always wonder why cant I have this thing on my site .Anyways nice to know u here again smiling face hows ur prep goin, am planning to take after a month so just pray again we all pass with flying colors .




where are u kerochi ?


KEROCHI how is everything going?


Hi guys,

not sure if this is the right place to ask my Qs but wld do so nonethe less smiling face
I have 2001 Kaplan Q bank for step 1 and 2002 Q Bank for Step 2. Is the new qbank materially different?


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