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-Just sit back and relax sobia you dont need to send anthing else. Hey lucky may be it was for the better. Use it to your advantage and all the best. Waiting for your NBME sobia.


i,m gonna do nbme on 1st feb..well my sole purpose of it will be to highlight my weak areas coz its getting quite monotonous now.confused


i took a day off today. went to visit friends and relatives.had fun and didnt think of the exam at was so relaxing. back to the grind from tomorrow. sobia when will u take the test. i will take it on 1 march inshallah. why r u taking the nbme so early.

king how have u been? its been a long time since u posted.

i'm dreading the thought of going thru the whole syllabus again. but then reading ur posts does motivate me , at least i'm not alone.smiling faceest of luck both of u.


hi guys.another day wasted.confused.i,m getting so easily distracted these days.maybe its coz i,m going to apply for usa visa in 2 weeks..the state of uncertainity is so distracting plus i,m getting bored of the same routine every day.gotta fine tune things soon if i wanna give this exam well for which i studied so hard.nod


u r getting distracted because u already know everything! there's nothing new for u to learn.wink

best of luck for the visa.


Hi Lucky i dont post that often cause i dont have much to post. Its like a routine now, mostly revising the stuff i already posted a lot about. I am into intern med actually am doing ID, I am trying my best to speed up and finish up by 2nd Feb and give NBME then, If i could then i might think about giving my exam earlier. Its still not clear ,lets see. Hey guys i am getting sick of this exam too, so i am going asap. Wish me luck. smiling face
All the best for your visa sobia. I will apply after the exam and give interview after the step 2 result cause 3 of my friends were just rejected sayingthat bring your step2 result and we will give you the visa. So i just dont wanted to get distracted. although i already had step2 cs permit.


good to hear from u king.i thought maybe u were tired of the forum too , thats why u werent posting.wink[just kidding].

i wasted today too, dont know why. but tomorrow is another day.will try to finish paeds and surgery by 31,squeezing uw in between.when r u taking the exam king? lucky u if its in feb. best of luck.


/you are going just fine lucky, dont despair and keep up the good work. I have booked 22 Feb, so it is definite but i am having second thoughts of giving it earlier on 15th Feb, may be i will( which means i will not be completing step3 qbank which i just did 4 units of 13) , it depends on my NBME on 1/2 Feb. Lets see. best wishes for everyone and me smiling face


hey kingsofke, good luck, wishing u an even higher score on ur CK...i am taking mine in late feb, do u think the step 3 q book is useful?...i have used the step2 kap q book and now on UW. I might have some extra time wherein i could squeeze in some more qu...trying to decide between A&L or step3 q book? what do u think? any advice/comments would be appreciated..

happy studying ye all....


Thank you so much an, its so nice of you to drop by and say kind words. I am sure your prep will be going on fine too, and you would do great in step2 just like your amazing score in step1. I will personally prefer step3 qbook. If you are looking just for extra knowledge then A&L has some edge but if you want to improve your question solving skill with some really frustating difficult and long questions qbook is the right choice. Have a blast. and keep in touch, I just might be on for 22 myself. All the best.


thanks...mine is on the 27th...


Done with IM, Paeds and Surgery........ OBGYN next and then Psych and on for NBME.......its so damn hard to keep up the speed, i want a break damn it ( get sick forgodsake ) smiling face


hi guys,nice to see everyone doin well and racing towards their exams..i havent had any progress on my exam permit as yet.still waiting patientlysmiling face.anywayz done everything except psychiatry.spent last two days doing NMS.found it a bit refreshing!anywayz are u guys thinking of using crush step 2 or first aid or not?no quick review books this time???

i,m hoping to finish psychi by end of this month then take the nbme and see how it goes..still so much time till marchconfused..


time is standing still...did A&L and found a few things quite hard..i feel like i,m forgetting everything.cant wait for feb to pass away.there is no end to all this!!!shaking head


Hi people smiling face I am back and with good news. I have given my NBME self assessment form 1 and i scored 800 (correlation >268). I am delighted . It didnt went all that well, many questions made me pull my hairs with frustration. I still dont know how i got so much score cause i am sure i was not right in 10-15 questions in every block. I guess thats usuall then. I feel quite confident now to appear in the exam on 15th Feb, . Please guys wish me luck as you have always , i need it now more than ever as i am going for the real thing.

All the best to all of you who are going to give their NBME soon. Just be confident and awnser to your best and you will do great with gods grace.


hi king thats really a great score. you will definitly do well in the main exam. realy.well. dont wory. but be careful during the exam day and the day before tension free. all the best.

you are kind of inspiration for me. I would start posting in the log book too.thanks for creating one. this will continue............

i have started with my internal med and done neurology. i shud speed it up much better. not yet into the speed.


i have psychi and stats left which i'll start from tomorrow .am doin uw right now and it is driving me crazy.started with 59 and am now doing 72 to 76. i have no idea how to improverolling eyes.i think i 'll do another day of uw and then start psych.


hello people!congrats king great score.kind of intimidating to be honest!well lucky did u start uw now??or are u doing it a second time??if its your first time than 72-76 is a good score on it.just keep going..

welcome aboard msyamp,good luck with your preparation too.well i,ve been summing things up myself.just a few more days to nbme then i,ll know what to do untill march.i did do biostat recently but somehow i will never understand a few things in it!!smiling face


welll i started uw recently and doing it for the first time but i dont like the way its going. my scores r very unpredictable. just when i think i am doin fine i get a score in the 60's and when i think i have done awful i get a 70+.confused so i really dont know where i stand. did u get ur permit sobia. i still am waiting for mine.


great score king .u r all set for a 99.hi msyamp. good luck with ur prep.

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