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 hypocalcemic tetany & Resp. alkalosis  

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is due to respiratory alkalosis ?? albumin binds more ionized Ca -> down of ionized ca+(total calcium is normal) ?

why does negative charges increase on binding proteins such as albumin,so lowing of ionized ca+ happen?

is alkalosis somehing to do with increasing of negative charges?



Well, first albumin is a negatively charged protein because is a protein with many acidic aminoacid. Remember that this acidic aminoacids have carboxyl groups in its R groups (COO-)

If albumin has negatively charged sites (a lot of COO-), they can bind either H+ ions or calcium (Ca2+) ions. You know that in acidemia there is an excess of H+ in blood, thus more H+ binds to albumin leaving fewer sites for calcium (Ca2+) to bind. As a consequence, the free ionized Ca2+ concentration increases because less Ca2+ is bound to albumin. In alkalemia, there is a deficit of H+ in blood and less H+ will be bound to albumin, leaving more sites for calcium to bind. Thus in alkalemia the free, ionized Ca2+ concentretion decreases (hypocalcemia).

good luck...

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very good explaination...One addition though

how do u correlate with resp alkalosis.See what happens in resp alkalosis is decreased pco2,and decreased H+..

albumin has negative charge that will attract positive hydrogen and ca both .Hydrogen is less so body will try to produce hydrogen wherever possible...kidney will lose hco3 so that eq shifts to right and more hydrogen and hco3 are made.all the bound hydrogen has to be released too.the ratio of free to bound Ca depends on PH.PH ca decreases and more is bound to acidosis vice versa

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