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what are the conditions that ANCA appear in?
what does the C-ANCA & P-ANCA (perinuclear)pattern of the antibodies indicate?


Antineutrophilic Cytoplasmic antibodies are antibodies that bind to certain cytoplasmic substances in neutrophiles. After a certain preparation(like centrifuge), neutrophils are tested with patient's serum antibodies to see if the antibodies are present in the patient.
C-ANCA (Cytoplasmic) are antibodies to Proteinase 3 Antigen, very strongly associated with Wegener's granulomatosis. also seen to an extent in Cresentic glomerulonephritis and Polyarteritis nodosa.
P-ANCA(Perinuclear) are antibodies to Myeloperoxidase and seen commonly in Cresentic glomerulonephritis and Polyarteritis nodosa.

a way to remember this might be P for Polyarteritis, the other one Wegener. Cresentic glomerulo can have both but more of P.

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