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 Jehovah's Witness & blood products  

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A 25-year-old Jehovah's Witness man is scheduled for emergency surgery following a motor vehicle accident in which he sustained pelvic fractures. The patient is competent and lucid before the surgery and refuses the administration of blood products. Which course of action is most appropriate in the event of significant intra-operative blood loss?

1) administration of packed red cells in the recovery

2) use of a cell saver

3) administration of hydroxyethyl starch

4) administration of packed cells after obtaining consent

5) intra-operative autologous blood donation


Clueless here. What in the world is a cell saver?raised eyebrow


Kabuli, its a very good question, from where did you get it

I think the answer is 3) administration of hydroxyethyl starch
Hydroxyethyl Starch is Plasma volume expander for treatment of hypovolemia during surgery

Because intra-operative autologous blood donation and use of a cell saver both are same

A autologous transfusion is called intraoperative salvage. A specialized machine, sometimes called a cell saver, collects blood lost during a surgical procedure, and processes it so it can be returned to the patient's circulation.

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i agree, it must be 3. A cell saver seems to be logical, also but i donĀ“t think they could get too much blood, at least, not the enough for this pelvic fracture.


3) sounds right


Great Everyone studin hard.Bulls eye.


Right. 1 goes against ethix; 2 = 5 = reffused by Jehovah's Witnesses (I didn't know this until very recently: as soon as the blood leaves the body, it's considered impure confused ); 4 is... most unlikely, yet somehow correct... last minute conversion, perhaps? disapproval They probably are referring to misinformed consent, so can't be this one. 3 is the only one acceptable. Note, however, that treatments involving EPO are not refused by this religion...



I don't know the source of it a friend faxed it .


Thanks, regegade thats a authentic explanation.smiling face

Hi Kabuli,
The same incident took place many years back at my place when we had few jewish families, with a lady would had PPH. I dont know much about the different religious belief but I thought that only Jewish people rejects blood transfusions. Thanks for rectifying my ignorance.


They reject blood transfusions. Okay.raised eyebrow



hey thats their belief. respect them


I guess it was inappropriate on my part to comment. I'll watch out, in the future.

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