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 Prelim/Categorical Yr Q about changing program  

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I apologize for my ignorance before hand. My questions are as follows:

1. If I apply to a categorical(IM), do I have the option of leaving after the first year, hence it being a 'prelim program' for me?

2. If I choose to continue with IM, after my prelim year, will I have to apply for a pgy2 position in IM, or will I have to apply to a categorical (IM), and start from pgy1?

3. How difficult is it to obtain a pgy2 in IM?

4. Regarding the pgy1 spot, I've read that in the match process if you dont match for pgy2, then your supplemental rank order list is not used. Will that hold true, if i only apply for prelim/transitional year programs?

The reason I'm asking is, I want to try for radiology. I want to do a prelim year first, then apply again next year for rads.

I am aware, categorical is the full extent of the residency, and prelim, only one year. I am just confused as to how to apply specifically to a prelim program, and if accecpted to a categorical (in IM) would I have the option of leaving after the first year.

Thank You,


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1. Only if you have cleared this in advance with your program director. You don't want to leave your program with a "hole"

2. It's going to depend on the programs, if they have a PGY2 position open, or if they don't, you may have to repeat a year.

3. Varies from year to year

4. Sorry, I don't know.


Thank you for your time bbb. smiling face

Regarding leaving your program with a 'hole' many program directors would actually agree if one were inform them, of leaving after first year? Not many?

Also, what happens to those residents that decide to change speciality after first year?

The contract is for one year, if i am correct, and needs to be signed for pgy2, in the second year, right? So if one were to 'change' their mind, they would not be bound, correct?

Sorry for all the questions, I just need to clear this up in my head.

Thanks Again,



Program directors aren't going to make someone stay - that would be an unhappy resident and that's not good for patient care.

And my program has a one year contract. If you do match into a categorical program, you need to tell you PD that you are thinking about leaving as soon as you can because they need to fill your position.

We had one person sign a contract for a second year, and then in May - after schedules were completed for the next academic year - she told the PD that she signed a contract with another program. The PD called the other PD - told her that she would release the resident, but this resident had signed a contract for the next year, and we kept the resident for the first month of the second year because it would have left a hole in the schedule that we couldn't fill.

Good luck


So, the contracts are for one year, and the option of leaving after one year is open....that clears things up.


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