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 25 long days to go!!!!!!!  

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hey cyra smiling face ...good now that you are finally finished with step 2...i am tired now and just waiting to get over with the exam.

wish you good luck for the results which is surely going to be a gr8 score. and a big thanks for the wonderful support yu have always given. i read your exam experience and believe me it will come handy when i sit for my exam a few days from now.

cyra, can you pls tell me which ecg's and pic's to go over for the final revision.

and not to mention that it has been an amazing experience sharing this study time with you all and i have truly enjoyed this time. good luck to all of us for everything that lies ahead of us.


drkpp, buddysmiling face thanks for the tips yu have always given...and this last one will surely help me in preparing myself mentally for the exam. good luck to yu too for the match !!

  #263're most welcome!You're almost there....and the best thing is you have taken comparable exams(the canadian one) and that will definitely help.Don't over burden yourself with too much during these last few days.LisaM told me to pamper myself and thats exactly what I did.Just leave any anxiety you may have outside the test center.I am sure you'll do great!

I really didn't look at many pics...i did have a few X rays and EKGs but like I'd know what they are talking about without looking at the image.I was apprehensive about the pics and images too but I really don't think they are too big on this for this exam.For the EKG's...I listened to fischer's lecture(I hope you have it...its the last one in the cardio series)...and I think it was just perfect cos he does a great job.Although I didnt have any fetal heart tracings...I know they do show up on the have a look at those too.

Again...all the best achilles!


achilles,I hope your spirits are high and you are all set to take on the exam tomorrow.You've worked very hard and it will definitely pay off.There will be times during the exam(although I really do hope there aren't) where you might feel lost or dejected...just keep at it and give it your very best!The very best of my good wishes for you...I'll be praying.


All the very best to you, Achilles!


B.O.L. achilles. All of our prayers are with you.....


thanks a lot cyra, lisaM and drkpp for all your wishes.

i finally took the exam yesterday. i dont think i have done what i could have ! i dont know what to say... it sounds like the post exam feeling that everyone has but i know i havent done too well. i hope i get thru and even if i have a decent score i'll be very happy. and this is a true feeling.

cyra, you were right about feeling dejected during the exam and there were times when i felt like that... i had no clue of the answer to many questions. and there was a lot of pediatrics in my test !!! why ?? if only i had read pediatrics much better. and the rest was medicine. there were very less questions from surgery and obgyn and psychiatry and stats. just like 2-3 questions from each of them in every block.

anyways lets see what comes out of this test. i may sound not so enthusiastic about the test but .... and then there was a power failure when i was at my 2nd block and the proctor came in and announced that our test is saved. but then i met a test taker(he was giving step 2 ck too) in the subway and he said that he had lost all his answers and he had to mark all of them again !!! i did not even check if the answers to the 18 questions i solved were saved or not. i just went ahead and finished the rest of the block as i was anyways short of time on that block as i found it very difficult.

all said and done i just hope i pass this test and get a decent score. i'll be happy.

and i want to thank each one of you. it has been a pleasure and an honour to be able to share this time and prepare along with such wonderful people.

and now i have toefl on 12th and then the OSCE ( canada exam ) on 30th sept and the mccqe2(another canada exam !! ) on 28th oct, so i still have a lot of reading to do. but today i'm going to take it easy and chill out for a while before i start again. good luck to everyone.


achilles...I am so sorry to hear about the power failure!!!!I hope and pray that your answers were saved....I am thinking that if the answers to those questions were lost then they should have shown up as marked with that little "i" for hopefully there should be no cause for concern here.I felt crappy when my exam ended and worse the next day as I recalled stuff I had missed and all the "what in the world are they asking" questions that I had guessed on....but thats all part of the game.I guess its also natural to selectively remember stuff you found difficult or were unsure of anyways.Well,lets just hope for the best and make headway towards our next exams.Good luck with your upcoming canadian exams achilles....Keep us posted!


thanks cyra, what yu say makes sense...i hope my answers were saved. as far as i can remember there was no mark on the questions i answered and i can remember vaguely that they were blue in color and not red . i hope they were saved as they are a substantial number of questions.

anyways i am going to call ecfmg today and then email them about what happened. i went thru the information booklet and they dont have much info on what to do in such a situation which by itself is unique.

going to get my toefl book right now and start reading for it. some of my friends here are saying that it wont be a cakewalk as most of the provinces in canada ask for a score of 100 on the toefl-ibt. so i'd better get over with it while i can.


achilles...I am sure your answers were matter how distressed you may have been...those red "i's" would've been hard to don't sweat it.It is a good idea to let ECFMG know about this mishap.....there was a post here where someone had to retake the exam due to a pwerfailure...I found the link for you...mebbe you could get in touch with that person and see what he/she did.

TOEFL will be a breeze for worries about that either.I am trying to block out any thoughts whatsoever about messing up on CK and trying to concentrate on preparing for CS.Off for now...take care.


Hi Achillis,
just dont worry abt that ,i hope u'll score great.Now its time to concentrate on other examz ,as like me u have to take two more canadian examz.I've send u a pm at rxpg abt img school mock exam.....if u wanna take mock exam then get ur registration as soon as possible,b'coz its osce season and the places fill out very rapidly.So just go to img school site and get the information.
Good luck for allll examz.


thanks cyra...i read the information bulletin and found not much on an issue like this in the bulletin so just wrote an email to ecfmg and let them know of what happened. i'll let yu know when i get their reply. and thanks for all your wonderful support like always. its really amazing with the way yu help.

thanks nazia for the nice advice...i'll book a place for myself today itself.

as of now i was just having a break and there were a lot of fun things i needed to catch did just thatsmiling face

it took me a couple of days to get over the power failure issue and now i'll just take what comes and i think that i might have not lost those questions as i think they were blue and not red with an 'i' beside them so i think i should be ok.

hows your study going on nazia ? if there is one thing i would have done one more time it would be is actually very close to the real exam and is a little tough than the real exam especially the answer choices in uw are much closer than in the real exam. so good luck with your preparation and let us know if we can be of any help.


Hi Achilles, Got your results yet?


hey lisaM...gr8 to hear from you here...hows your prep for step 3 going on ? i just did the oasis trick and got the red screen that says that i passed the test so now waiting for the score sheet. its amazing how i found friends here and i missed yu all, cyra, drkpp and the way we used to have discussions here...i cleared my toefl too and the reason i am not here on the forum now is that i managed to get an observership here in canada. hopefully it should be of help to me in usa too. right now i am looking at the canada match this year and lets see what happens. i have confirmed that the usmle's are also counted when one applies for a residency in canada so hopefully i should be good for this year's canada match but nothing is certain in canada health system smiling face so i'll just take it one step at a time and work hard and see what happens. i hope yu are studying me you guys will always inspire me in all the things i am going to do. good luck to all friends here and i shall post yu guys on my result ( whatever it issmiling face


Congratulations on passing CK, Toefl, and getting the observership! My step 3 prep is coming along- could be better! All the best for a great score!


Congratulations achilles!!I'd just like to say "I told you so!!" regarding the TOEFL...hehehe

Apologies for not having posted about my score here....updated about it in my exam experience.I got my CK score the day I returned back home after taking CS.I got a 224/91....was disappointed at the time but got over it grin Anyways, all the best for your CK score and your future endeavours. Do keep in touch and take care.


thanks so much lisaM and cyra smiling face...

congratulations cyra. 91 is not a bad score at all !! i'd say its a good score so dont be disappointed at all and enjoy on the fact that all that hard work brought you a good result. if i get 91 i'll be one happy man smiling face and good luck for yur step 2 CS results...i'll keep you posted on my score, whenever i get it. thanks again for all the good wishes and wish you good luck for this year's match and all future endeavours.


Dear friends... so nice to read about you passing the exam... hearted congratulations and hope everything for this match goes as you all wish... you deserve an exellent program... BTW what are your plans now? IM, Surg, Ped???

I am sorry to be so distant from the forum, I was bonding with my daughter and healing my reflux esophagitis (severe coffee intoxication and addiction) but now I´m back in track and just send my application package... I have a new job and let me tell you that only for the fact of passing the steps and doing a couple of rotations, I feel a lot more confident while practicing medicine than a year ago, also older doctors treat me with more respect... I'm starting to enjoy the fruits of my effort...jejeje

I will post my experience about the ck as soon as my baby gives me some free time... Cyra 91 is a great score, way over the mean, enough to get you what you want.

All the best...

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