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 25 long days to go!!!!!!!  

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smiling facesent yu a pm cyra...thanks again and good luck.


just focusing on uw questions and hope to get the target out of the way today. must concentrate and concentrate and concentrate and do it.


Hey guys how are you doing... just passing by... When are your exams scheduled??? Just passed one week from my test so still cant give any accurate advice... just my complete support... GO TEAM GO!!!!

Take care and will see you around...


hey isther, how was your exam buddy ? do let us know of your experience once yu get the result which i am sure is going to be very very good.

i am taking my step 2 on 2nd august. thanks for stopping by and giving my morale a much needed boost. any tips for the exam from yu will always be handy so just drop a line whenever yu can. good luck.

hey cyra, hows it going for yu ? i am slow as usual but going on. let see.


Hey isther...thanks for checking in on us..taking it on the 28th of july *gulp*.

achilles...well, I am trying to maintain some form of balance between reviewing and mini-panic attacks....which is why I am going a bit too slow for my liking....but I guess as long as we are moving along its alright.Going over medicine right now and then peds...will be left with over a week for a quick final review.Take care.


Hi everyone,

Good to see you people keeping each other going.....

Just came back from a long vacation and i am feeling good. The scores are out and its a 94.... It means more then a 99/280 to me.

On the personal end too things are settling down....

Thank you everyone for your prayers and wishes which kept me going through all those tough times....

I will start my prep for application in a couple of days.... Would be glad if i can be of any help to all you step2 takers.....

And wish you all a very good luck. Hope you people acheive what you have been aiming for and wish all of us together will get through this tedious process of application......

Keep it kool and keep it going.....


alright smiling face a BIG CONGRATULATIONS buddy...yu did it and thats a very good score. i am happy for yu. and now onto the next step - CSA. but i guess yu have already finished CSA so drkpp yu must be ready for the 2007 match ! good luck buddy.

and as for me i have the exam on 2nd august. lemme know whatever tips yu have for me. i am a little tensed up for the exam and i hope i clear it. there are some topics which i do not understand well so i am going over them one at a time. lets see what happens.

hope to see yu around. keep us updated.


Yup, am already done with cs but the next biggest thing is to decide uon what speciality to apply for. i am debating over int. med. or family med. Just bought imersons getting into residency. Hope it helps........

Let me know when you try out the other nbme forms... Please dont go to the test without getting a satisfactory score on the nbme's. Its quite accurate.......

And study, study and study. The answers i would say have to come out reflexly without you actually putting in an effort to give it a thought. Time waits for no one. I am sure you are doing just that.smiling face

Good luck achilles


congratulations drkpp!!! great score!!! especially considering through what hell you've been the last weeks of your prep. I hope everything is better, good luck with your application. my best wishes!


achilles, you're almost there! keep it going, i'm sure you'll ace this, you've been through other exams comparable to this one (if I'm not wrong, i think you took the canadian exams also...). Good luck!



a big big congrats.I remember how u took ck in very adverse circumstances. It made my silly day-to-day probs seem so small, and inspired me when I was in my last days of ck prep.

We all went thru' together in the prep, and now all of you ve begun to get your results, with such good scores.My cs is after 2 days. Then 2ck results in 1-2 weeks.Then-end of the story----or rather the beginning of a new one.

ACHILLES, all the best!!


thanks so much to all of you for the kind and inspiring words...they mean a lot to me. it feels like the good ol days of college where we used to meet our friends daily and pep each other up to do our best.

study is going on but not at the pace i would like it to. its a little slow. i am going through questions now and their explanations mostly as they are helping me to revise the topics as well. i hope i am on the right track.

hey drkpp, hats off to you for getting an amazing score after all the distractions you had in the last days. and i am just trying to study as much as i can and i hope i pass this exam too.

alina congratulations on the dream score once again. you are also all set for this year's match. good luck. yes i am done with my canadian exams and will be applying for a residency spot in this year's match in canada. not very hopeful though of getting a spot as there are very few residency spots. traditionally only about 10% of IMG's match in canada...and if that sounds less then how does approx 250 residency spots all over canada sound !!! so i am not very hopeful for canada.

3535, good luck to you for your CSA.


Congratulations drkpp!!Great score!

achilles..hope you're doing alright.Five more days till D-day for me...trudging along trying to review stuff..seems somewhat futile though cos I end up with tons left to cover each day...but I move on...hopefully my remote memory will come into play during the exam.I'm going to be going through medicine starting tomorrow....I am tempted to just go through my UW explainations...its quite overwhelming to look at the text at this stage.Better be off...back to the grind.


gulp !! just 5 more days...and thats when i will also start going over all my medicine too...right now 11 days for me and as of now study is not best and i am trudging along and waiting for this exam. hope i can do well although my nbme scores dont say that(got 450 in nbme1 and still to take the 2nd one) but i guess this is all i can do so thats it. i have the same feeling about not been able to review all that i think of everyday.

i am going thru my uw explanations and the questions i marked. yu study well cyra and good luck for your exam and keep a balaned head, which yu already have smiling face for the exam. and last half day just prepare yourself mentally. i wish yu the best for this exam.


Hi Achilles, when are you planning to take NBME two? You may want to take it as soon as possible so you will have time to balance out your weak areas and any surprises the score sheet may show. Please try to do your best under the circumstances you find yourself in and not worry too much! All the best to you too, Achilles!


cyra and achilles...good luck to u both..u guys r so hardworking and that will surely be rewarded...keep reading ur UWnotes and solving qu till the day before, the usmle cd is a good thing to do on the day before the exam...


thanks so much for the good wishes lisaM and an. it means a lot to me. i am not sure about nbme 2 and i thought it better to go over areas that i know are weak and go over what i have done sometime back so that i dont have to struggle to remember it.

cyra, one more day for you. keep a cool head and go inside with confidence. keep a watch on the time and take enough fuel with you to keep you going for 9 hrs. GOOD LUCK for the exam cyra !


Best of luck to all of you people. Just one thing, in the exam all you have to do is relax and take one question at a time and then move on without actually worrying about the previous question. I know its difficult but its the only way you can keep going for 9 hrs. The best approach would be to go to the test thinking of it as another usw block and that too without having to go throught the explanations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LisaM,an,drkpp...thanks for the support and the tips!I really appreciate it!

achilles...Thanks a whole bunch for your wishes.Your advice comes at a great time...I am in the process of psyching myself out for D-day and reading the do-s you listed is great reinforcement!Last few days for you'll have your highs and lows....for me...there have been days where I was so depressed and low on confidence that I just didn't feel like getting out of bed!I feel much better now though(good thing too...cos half the battle is won up there in our minds!).I'll be going through a couple of things here and there tomorrow and will stop by the afternoon.I'll post when I get back.Good luck with your review achilles and thanks once again.


achilles...just got back.I hope you are doing fine and your prep is coming along ok...last few days and you'll be free!!!It is indeed a very liberating feeling....just thought I'd check in on you.If I can be of any let me know.

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