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 Non-designated preliminary and Surgery  

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1) Which is the difference between a NON-designated preliminary position and a Preliminary position?

2) Which is the difference between a university program and an Affiliated university program?

3) And for example if i want to study a subspeciality in general surgery (but i need to study at least the first 3 years of Gral surgery to be eligible for that sub), i know i must apply to gral surgery, my question is do i must apply to only PRELIMINARY position because of this??



does anybody knows?


Designated prelim programs are reserved for individuals who are training in a designated specialty (eg derm, radiology). You don't need three years of prelim to enter surgical training. You only need prelim positions for things like anesthetics, radiology, ophthalmology etc. Subspecialty surgery requires you (generally) to complete a general surgery specialty first, and you don't need a prelim year for this. Affiliated programs tend to be less academic than university based programs.

hope that helps,



thank you CGR for your explanation.

But i´m not clear enough about my question number 3. For example if i want to study neurosurgery I only need 1 year of Gral Surgery and after that the other 4 years of Neurosurgery. Or if i want Plastic (you know there are 2 ways, 6 years or 3+3y) i need only 3 years of gral surgery and after that the other 3 years of Plastic Surgery. That´s what I mean. If I want one of these, what do i have to choose?


non-designated preliminary


I´m confused about it. confused


for neuro surgery you need to go via the and then apply for neuro surgery starting from pgy2 and you apply for pgy1 in gen surg

so you are a designated preliminary who is going to to neruosurgery from next year.

for plastics 6 year program you need to be doing a general surgery categorical residency and from the third year you go into plastics.......

non designated preliminary year is a year after which you have admission no where, so you have to apply all over again for surgery, this is usually how FMGs enter the us surgery categorical spots, after one or sometimes 2 years as a non designated prelim

hope that helps

so in a nutshell as a designated prelim your next years admission i.e. pgy2 onwards is fixed

as a non designated prelim your pgy2 admission is not fixed

all the best


thank you sharvil, that explanation was good!. I sent you a PM. Please answer me rolling eyes

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