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 For '06Match, is it too late to take CS in Nov'05?  

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For '06Match, is it too late to take CS in Nov'05?

The information booklet says Dec31'05 is fine. But I heard it is too late for '06match.

Please advise. Thanks.nod


Hi urrihgt>>>>smiling face

nice to see u. we r in the same boat. I'll sit cs in end of Oct. People in this forums encourage , not so late. but the earlier the better coz I'm IMG. I still hope ha ha . But i haven't apply ERAS, yet. You did? some people did with step1 only. I'm still waiting my ck result, so haven't apply yet.

Ill keep in touch.



not yet. Seems I need to do it asap.


Hi,can you as IMG apply in ERAS without CS passed?That means,if I took CS exam for example in December,I wouldn't have result on January 31st.I don't know.


I understand that u can apply and the ECFMG will update your application once they have the results. I'll apply without step 1 result ... we'll see. I'll look in the booklet to find the exact page and I'll get back to you guys. Good luck to you all.

Do you know if there is a study group for step 2 CS? I'm in Boston, MA.

Edited by claudia_i on Sep 26, 2005 - 9:41 PM


Hi claudia,by the way beautiful name, let us know if anything new.I'm in Florida now,I'm sorry.I already failed my CS so I want to be well prepaired.


I'm sorry to hear that, Petr. I'm very, very anxious about CS, too. Let me know if you are interested in practicing the cases over the phone.
This is from the NRMP website:

How often are the applicant and program lists in the R3 System updated?

Applicant and program information is displayed in real time, so users always have current information.

I am a foreign medical school graduate. If I have not received my ECFMG® Certification when the rank order list opens can I still enter my rank order list?

Yes, you can. If the NRMP receives notification from ECFMG® that you have completed your exam requirements for certification by the rank order list deadline, you will be included in the Match. If we have not received ECFMG® confirmation, NRMP will withdraw you from the match shortly after the rank order list deadline and your rank order list will NOT be used in the match. You will receive an e-mail notification from the NRMP if this occurs.

What does ECFMG Status NOT VERIFIED mean?

After the initial registration deadline of December 1st, the NRMP contacts ECFMG® periodically before the rank order list deadline to verify whether graduates/students of international medical schools and Fifth Pathway program applicants have passed the required exams. If your status is NOT VERIFIED, ECFMG® has not yet confirmed that you have passed all exams necessary for ECFMG® certification. To be able to participate in the NRMP Match, ECFMG® must verify your exam status, NOT your ECFMG® certification status by the rank order list deadline."

My understanding from the above is that as long as you have the results before the rank order list dealine, which is February 22, 2006 you're OK but please let me know if I'm wrong. I also have looke din FA for the Match and they say the same thing. Get the application in and update it once other items become available. Moreover, I saw somewhere an answer from BBB (she's IM program coordinator) and she said that they wait for the bulk of applications to come before inviting people to interview.

Edited by claudia_i on Sep 26, 2005 - 10:20 AM


I really don't know now when I retake my exam,cause now as I'm graduate I have to send my diploma and school transcript to ECFMG and that will take some time,so after that I'll know if there will be test date available for me.By the way,can we use letters of recommendation from outside USA or these must be from USA only.Don't know where obtain these being non U.S.citizen.If you want to practice over the phone,I'm sorry but you can write me e-mail to my address [email protected]


They cannot expect American letters of recommendation if you're an IMG, unless you've done an observership, externship or any other kind of hospital practice in US. I guess, the most important thing is to be outstanding letters.


Now I'm 50/50 decided to take CS again this year.I will see after my reapplication.Do You think I can send them form 187,344 and 345 and reregister the same day?When I receive my scheduling permit?After confirming my medical diploma,sending transcript my medical school?This could take weeks.The point is that I have to travel outside USA before 6 month period provided by tourist visa december 16th,so I don't know when.I doubt if it's all worthed,such a problems to enter such exhausting residency programs and losing five valuable years of our youth.Maybe latersmiling faceThank you for email.


It took about three weeks for me to get the scheduling permit after I got the email from ECFMG that they received my 186 form (I applied before they change it to 187). Once I got the permit I scheduled my exam the same day. They already had copies of my diploma + transcript when I applied for step 2 CS. So it was 1 month overall. Well, good luck whatever you decide to dosmiling face

Edited by claudia_i on Oct 06, 2005 - 3:23 PM

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