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 Which step needs longer preparation?  

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Which step needs longer preparation? Step1 pr Step2?


Depends on number of circumstances...I think most important one-how long ago you graduated med school. If you graduated more than 3 years ago, Step 1 may take longer.


If you are first preparing step 1 (which would be the best idea) step 2 will take much less time to be prepared.


It makes sense to start with Step One, as everone suggests, but I find it really so mauch harder to renember the basic sciences. The clinical subjects are so much easier after having just learned them recently in my homeprogram.

How do you guys handle Step 1? :roll:

Do you just start all over again? ( Thankful for your honest input.)


Thanks for ur replies. I've just started to prapare for Step 1. I'll take it before Step 2 and I won't change my idea as it has been a good start. I use Kaplan Reviews. It remains 4-5 months for me to take the test! It has been a long time since I last studied Basic Sciences, so I find it really useful to review them!


Think about your decission because, I know that is more easier study for the Step 2 than Step 1, but think: If you study first for the 1, that will be better for study then the Step 2, because you pass tha more harder and you know yet the basic science for understand to very well the clinical sciences of the Step 2, This is my opinion!! :roll:

Good Luck

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