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 Passed: Houston - My talking pattern  

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Thanks a lot digidoc. Got my result today & passed cs exam. Ur website is awesome.
Once again thanks for providing us such a good site.




HI amygadala...rinnies and weber is not yet up on the blog...

about ur question - follow the 5 step pattern to history taking as mentioned on my blog...besides data-collection mnemonics. the point is to get the most relevant data-collection questions for the case you get...your own cliincal acumen will make u ask the right questions too :-)

Aim to get 90% of those questions atleast !
g/l ..let us know how it goes ..


Hey doc
How much time did u devote to set this site up?


like 30 minutes a day for about 3- 4 days a week..the site has been built up since last year...slowly one-topic at a time - did not appear overnight


digitaldoc --you are great

i took your suggestions but may be i could not embrace them -- dont know

iam afraid for my cs reslult -- did some bad stuff mlike doing not to do thing -- a strange psychology of brain --impulsive -- awaiting for result and praying sai baba everytime because prayer always help me

thanks -- i need your help in so many things


hi djyoti...the empty, inconclusive feeling is typical after any USMLE step ...coz we tend to remember only the mistakes and the bad part :-) I am not sure what u meant by saying "doing not to do thing" .. .

lets hope for the best for ya :-) g/l !


New Mnemonic at CSprotocol added for D/Ds for a Case of Headache



For those based in pakistan and china where Blogspot domain is blocked by the govt. the blog can be accessed by first going to and then typing in CSprotocol


digital doc

Thanks for all the good work you do.

Are you currently in a residency program? or going to be in 07?

By the way running website a good business like this one? I heard from many people that some people do really well by these websites.


Hi...i am glad you liked the site.

It would have been a good business if I charged like usmleworld did wink

but this is fun creativity , educative experience , being trained in informatics myself :-)


Hi digitaldoc,

u r a wonderfull humanbeing.I realy admire u and wht all u r doing for helping CS takers.Ur site is just awesome.keep it up.

I took cs a few days ago.the only thing i would like to emphasize again to all the future candidates is that u TIME UR practice cases nicely.If u r in middle of PE during exam and u think tht 15 minutes are going to get over soon.......STOP PE in the middle in a gentle way.start counselling and tell SP what is going on?counselling is important.I forgot to do that in my first case AS they knocked on my door.

IN rest 11 SPs i finished evrything on time with counselling done in all cases.

I do not know whether i will pass or fail....but i know it was good experience to see 12 well behaved patients in 15 minutes each and now i might have become a good doctor.I love the way USMLE exams make u a better physician in their own way.Isn't it true digitaldoc?.

I liked Step 2 CS....but ofcourse i do not want to spend 1200 dollars pray for me my friends.

warm regards



Blog Updated !

Well Said Guest ! Excellent advice from u ...

wish you good luck on the results...and that u dont need to spend that 1200 again cool

Edited by digitaldoc on Aug 06, 2006 - 7:33 PM


Added - Travel Tips for the New-to-USA IMGs ..


thanks for ur wonderful site

it was very helpful

when u took ur 2cs exam and how long did it take for them to report .do u have any idea that for the ones who took the exam after 16 july how would the chance of passing be ?

u know they have a new law recently

with best wishes for ur match and residency

digitaldoc wrote:
New Mnemonic at CSprotocol added for D/Ds for a Case of Headache



JUST WANT TO THANK YOU DIGITALDOC!!!Your website for step 2 CS really help me a lot..PASSED MY STEP 2 CS TAKEN LAST JUNE 27 IN LA...THANK YOU VR MUCH AGAIN!!!cool


Hi Dr.Digitaldoc! I am new to this forum. i would like to ask u few doubts regarding step 2cs. I am about to write my step1. after step1 which one is better to take step2cs or step2ck? will we face any difficulty if we take step 2cs prior to step2ck? is it ok if we prepare for around 1month to 45days for step2cs without taking step2ck? will we face any difficulty while studying?waiting for ur reply! millions of thanks in advance!


Thanks Guys for all your kind comments - about the last question - step 2 CS will not hamper ur Step 2 Ck much - it only needs 15 days of study. I would encourage you to take the Step 2 CS as soon as possible, since dates are difficult to get and may delay your application for residency later on..

congrats to eveyone for passing ! grin


The section on explaining OASIS trick has bow been updated to make it less confusing...



too good, really rockswink

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