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 Passed: Houston - My talking pattern  

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posted at as a fun , entertaining read - with tips on issues like draping, opthalmoscopy , female chest examination and the oasis trick


Edited by digitaldoc on Oct 03, 2005 - 12:14 PM


that was cool....digitaldoc. thanks a mil...


Have now updated it with the art of history taking - logical steps that will apply to history taking for any case


Great work digiloc, I am sure that this will be a very useful site for those who are planning to write the exam in the future. Too bad that you did not create it earlier. I would have used it for passing my exam. Any way great job. You definitely deserve a hearty applause for your generous attitude.


excellent,all exam takers must read this!!nod




I am glad I have a meaningful existance grin



i cannot seem to open the link provided.. would u mind sending your exam experience to my email at [email protected]



The link was down for sometime due to a problem with google servers - it works fine now ..or merely type in into ur browser address bar - shud work :-) let me know smiling face



thanks for your replies.. but i still cannot open it shaking head with many many attempts. would u mind sending it to my email? truly appreciate it very much


thanks a lot,that was great.



Thanks guys...good luck to all on this forum


Following is the list of topics now included:
Following is a summary of Topics included :

1. Standard SP encounter protocol
2. About washing hands
3. Using Ophthalmoscope
4. 15-day study plan
5. Study material choice - polls
7. Counselling - Alcholism, smoking, eneuresis, diabetes , HTN
8. The logical art of history taking
9 . Mnemonic - Shoulder Pain D/D
10. Mnemonic - Knee Pain D/D
11. Mnemonic - Amenorrea D/D
12. Mnemonic - Domestic Violence Case
13. SP Challenge Question Quiz
14. Telephone case - Mnemonic for data-collection
15. Tough SP Situation A
16. Tough SP Situation B
17. 2004 Step 2 CS Failure Rates
18. Why Interview Calls are late this year : Apply Apply No Reply ??
19. Mnemonic - Erectile Dysfunction
20. Stand / Sit during SP Encounter ?
21. Patient Note Management
22. Case of Depression ? Mnemonic...
23. Female Chest Examination
24. Draping Technique
25. Inside the Exam Center
26. Did you Fail Step 2 CS ?
27. Soft Hints from SPs you should pay attention to..
28. Measure Blood Pressure ?


Terrific Digitaldoc



added = sore throat mnemonic for both D/D + Investigations


New Topic Posted : About Gloves and USMLE Step 2 CS


New Topic Now Added = Communications Skills, English and American Accent on the Step 2 CS !


New Topic Added = Mrs. or Miss for a Female SP ?


hi i want to ask u cs is on 4th feb,..and i didnt take the ck yet it wise to take the cs 1st? or ck....i have FA ,kaplan book and i will take UW...and how can i plan this 30 days for an effective prep...i dont have any partner should i go forward or give cs after ck..wht do u think? waiting for ur reply thanks


It is advisable to finish off CS as soon as possible - ECFMG is too slow to give out results and dates get tough later in the year - I myself took the CS before CK - I would advise taking CS even before Step 1 - you only need 15 days to study and is a relief to get done with it and study full steam for Step 2 CK..

FA and UW is a cool combo for CS


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