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 crying all the!!!!!! depression  

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help me guys

i failed step1 in july , i m feeling so bad that i ve been crying from that day...i m feeling i cant do step 1 again...but in opposite,i still have will power ,i didnt give up..i wanna do it again...but feeling like cannot pass this test.its all about basics and to co-relate topics.. but i m not fresh graduate and dont remember basics..

i ve started studying from 10 days ..but cant concenterate on me guys..

wht should i do?how should i concentrate? any encourage ?



I imagine how you are feeling after not passing this exam . We put all our hopes and energy in an exam and if we fail it , it seems we are nothing . But instead of looking back , try to look ahead, try to imagine your future , try to imagine victory not failure . Not everybody in this forum is a "genius"who can read and memorize all the Kaplan lectures in 2 months and feel confident all the time during the preparation . I do think most of us have the same feelings and sometimes we really think we will never pass this exam , we will never make it . This test tests not only your knowledge , but also your confidence , your sacrifice .

I am also having problems to study , to feel confident , to come back to the basics . There were subjects I would never thought I could relearn again !!! But when I start having these failure thoughts , I mentalize my victory , I pray God to give me strenght . I do not know if I will pass in my first attempt , but I will pass on the second , or third or,,....

So , first tell yourself your are a normal human being with your own limits anf feelings , put your mind ahead , imagine your victory , sit down ,concentrate and study . You will make it!!!!!!I do not know your religion , but always ask your God to illuminate your studies.

i hope this can help you a little bit.



I remember you by name.. i said change your log in name to fortunate. Hang in there. Evryone have felt same feeling as yours.. i for one but I am more of a positive than a pessimistic person ...WHY?? because of my family who loves & supports me & most esp. I always pray to GOD for guidance. My review has been long but I manage to get up in the morning feeling fresh for another challenging but a happy day. Think positively & everything falls in the right way. Find ways to relax & ways to enjoy life other than studying.

Hope you feel better soon....


I agree with KEROCHI. Change your name and do what this faces are doing:winksmiling facenodgrin


Fortunate, you are starting to study agains. Understand that right now you know more info than what you started with. Use this to your advantage. Go back to the time when you started for the first time and how enthusiastic you were to take this test on. Well, round 1 ended with you scoring 9 and the USMLE 10 (boxing scores, :P). It's time for you to take a week off before starting again to relax, set your goals straight and make a study plan that involves at least 7 hours a day at the beggining. The test is totally doable, fortunate. All you have to do is forget about the first blow. If you are still stunned, SNAP OUT OF IT. Bounce back. I remember a quote from the new Batman (yes I took time off to see the movie): "Why do fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up." You are not alone in your feelings. But it's up to you to want to pass so badly that your sacrifice (time, friends, gf/bf, family) will be your biggest challenge. When you are ready, if you want msg me and i'll help you get on track and make a cool study plan to KO this test on round 2.



i have sent u a P/M please check



hey unfortunate in my country there is a myth that god sits on ur lips once and whatever u re saying comes true, so in my country they say always talk good, and think good, i agree with all, change ur name, because remember god sits on ur lips and whatever u say comes true,and this relates to ur deeds and here ur name too. thats a positive attitude too

they say the difference between mediocrity and excellence is attitude, so have a positive attitude, take a break, and start, when u feel ,i will rock the world

and remember THIS TOO SHALL PASS

good time will come back again

just be positive


You must learn from the past but at the same time also forget it to move forward.

By studying you reach closer to your sitting around and not concentrating you go further from your goal.


Dear Fortunate, please stop feeling bad about urself .Everybody goes thru tough times..And let ur dissappointment this time not keep u from focusing.Though I can feel how hard it is but...pls.. like everyone said...use it to ur advantage...try to sort out what else u cud/shud `ve done before this exam that u didnt.

I believe your every sincere effort will be rewarded...u just have to keep going.
Good Luck


thanks evrybody , guys are really good &helping

sturge weber....i know i m born fortunate but circumstances makes you unfortunate..when you have to do struggle not in studies but in everything around you...

anyways,,i have started again to reach my destiny coz one person cant stop life... it goes on....but it takes time to fill up ur bad moments..

I believe in GOD --HE send me you guys to encourage me in my times

thanks all


Its good to see you back in action man.

Nail those &^%$&* questions this time with a bang.

Good luck.nod


why do people fall ? so that they learn to stand up with even more confidence.grin

(something that my dad used to tell me when i was a kid !!! might not sound great in english but just tried to translate it.)

hope that helps and by the way dont forget to do as many questions as u can kap. qbank, and strongly recommend rapid review book and cd questions by mosby publication- suppose to be authored by the genius goljian)wink


this is a letter to you that you think that you are unfortunate.

Do you believe that , I failed first exam at med school three times , then anatomy three times ,physiology three times ,so i stayed 4 years just to finish first 2 years , I was very frusterated and I was feeling very bad choice to study med. this story went for a more time then it was easier later , i knew that studing medicine was not easy but i wanted it, so these things go with it like being tired,frusterated, discuraged , and........... but i realy hardly remember any of them as a bad memory, they are just the proof to me that i can do that again,still I feel tired some times and still alot to go, but it is realy very much natural, and i know what do you mean , but trust your self , and invest on your exam , if you realy want it you can get it ,each year several hundreds /thousands pass this exams and they realy have the same abilities like you and others , and they are all scared and tired and... but donot forget it is the chalenge that makes it meaningful otherwise you wouldnot enjoy it if it was like buying ice cream.just hope and work.




Perhaps you should take a week off first before you begin to study again, spend some time in the country or in a remote area alone. Get to enjoy nature and the fact that things could be alot worse. That will really do you good, it will help you clear your mind and find peace with yourself. Lay down a new strategy, think about the flaws in your old one and fill in the gaps.

You might want to watch this video, it's pretty inspiring:


hey fortunate, keep ur name , going to be fortunate soon

it will be nice, and people have tough lives too, but its survival of the fittest, so dont give up, many in this forum, have had a tougher life , we have cried too, but thats natural, so dear friend, cry whenever u feel, but let that cry make u go ahead to a stronger fortunate....

all the best


don't worry too much. Many people are in your position and they make it through. You will do the same. If you can't concentrate then change your environment. Go to the library instead of being at home. Or better yet, if you can afford it, go take a course. I took the Kaplan Live Lecture course and it's so nice to be around people that are all studying and working hard for the same goal. Good luck and i'm sure you'll be fine. Take care.


why do we fall?? that we can pick urselves up...n its about time that u did just that...pick urself up...


Yes! I agree w/ wow, library is a good idea. I was here in states with no friends, nobady in the same situation, and then i started going to the library. It speep up my reading and gave me motivation. You should try!!!!


And i failed, I took my step 1 on august the 13th, and It was hard to start to studie all that again. But here I am studing very hard, now it is easier than before, because I alredy now a lot of stuff, and I can read faster, and I am trying do not stop to thing that I failed, how miserable I am..., but that the test was an expensive and great simulation, and I am continuing my study knowing my weakest areas, and always improving.

One day we will have all that done, for sure!!! Look to the day that you will be done!!!!

Never give up!!!!

Look to the god side


Sorry, good side, but it could be Gods Ways!!!

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