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 Can anyone answer 100% of questions correctly?  

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The answer to this question is NO, no one can ever answer correctly all 100% of questions on the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK, because these exams are structured in such a way. They are inherently created to be so difficult and there is a reason for this. Let me explain: imagine that 2 guys have received 2 tests with the same level of difficulty, i.e. same number of difficult, average and easy questions and both have answered all questions correctly - then you can't determine who among them was better, i.e. in this case test isn't working, it isn't doing for what it was created - it was created to precisely assess your knowledge. If you have received top maximum score, then you can say that maybe you were better than this top maximum, but test can't determine HOW better you were. To avoid this problem you have to create the test that is so difficult that nobody can ever answer 100% of questions correctly. That's why you are never ready to answer all questions on this exam. So, guys, don't worry about this and good luck on your exams!!!grin

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wink well p53

I really really believe if only a handful of ppl I know can do it ...u`ll definitely be 1 of them smiling face smiling face

Wish u all the best...I guess u`ve got everything it requiresnod


Thank you very much (though I think you exaggerate my abilities too much). Good luck! smiling face


I thought for IMG`s ( with no greencard/PR ) scoring 90% and above is the tacit rule of thumb smiling face
Pls correct me if I`m wrong


You shouldn't put % after the figure indicating score. Currently, the passing score is 182 for Step 1 on the 3-digit scale, or 75 on the 2-digit scale. Each of these corresponds to answering 60-70% of the items correctly. Mean score on the step 1 is 88 (2-digit) or 216 (3-digit). Above score 99 (245), 2-digit score is frozen (it can't be more than 99 or it wouldn't be 2-digit score), but 3-digit score is going up. Score 264 is 2 standard deviations, and 288 is 3 standard deviations above of mean for step 1.

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what is the maximum 3-digit score?


thanks bluecatback and p53...I`m quite aware of the 2 and 3-digit scoring system...just got a little confused though really nod happy knowing 80% (which I took as 80 percentile) might be enuf (missed the questions-correctly-answered part)..sad

usmlegr...donno buddy...just wanted to know a score fair enuf for non-residents


usmlegr, there isn't such thing as a maximal 3-digit score (top maximum) on the usmle. Read carefully my post at the beginning of this page and you'll understand why - all I was talking about was about this. There is someone somewhere in the world who broke the record (has received best score ever) and holds it now - you can call him/her usmle superchampion or superherocool, but this doesn't mean that no one can beat his/her record in the future and get better results - much like the Olympic Games!

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I do not agree with you !

USMLE is not written for IMG but for American medical students and interns for Americans

I have many, many, many classmates scored 99% and 100% !

it is cakewalk for USMLE Part 1 !!!

I, as an American medical student, took each part of USMLE course by course.

When I finished anatamy, we have to take the USMLE Anatomy part.

I remembered I scored almosts 100% in Microbiology (at least 99%) !

It is very easy because you are in medical school, you study every night and paid US$20,000.00 a year and you got old exam and the Professor taught you microbiology and I remembered I had last 10 years of exam questions so it is very easy for American students (may not do so for IMG !!)


It has absolutely nothing to do with the scores !!

The exam can never replace clinical experience of doing trauma in the ER, can never replace the experience of saving a baby in 24 minutes by doing a C-section, by doing a central line and starting an !V in a six-year old girl shot by next door neigbor accidentally.


How can you be the best doctor if you Do not choose to join the US Army and be the Combat Support Surgical Trauma Doctor to save soooo many lives in Iraq !

My entire medical school class joined the US Military after medical schools and everyone served 4 years in the US Army, Navy, Air Force. My two best friends in medical school joined the US Air Force. I joined the U S Army !!!


Unless you are in the U S Army Reserve or regular Army, you will never experience the diaster as Katrina in New Orleans to save thousands of life a day !



It is NOT up to me to ask for the policies, I just simple did my job as told at Fort Rucker, Alabama, U S Army Aviation Training Center !




my monologue:

1)In a way I agree with AAAAA because as I go thru this journey I see that it doesnt matter how many degrees or certifications that a guy has, but how much "hands on" experience he has. Its hard to "out experience" a doc who's done 2 or 3 years of hard core medical experience in a military service and/or 2 or 3 years in a city jail or prison or major city hospital.

2)Also I said this before , but a lot of times what is read about in the books and what actually happens in real medical time is two completely different entities.

Edited by mjl1717 on Jun 04, 2006 - 4:35 PM


AAAAA, this has nothing to do with usmle exams, so stop ofending people. Believe it or not we are/were medical doctors in our contries , and helped , saved people just like you.


Thank you Vallia! yeah AAAAAAAAAAAA stop wasting space on this forum with your blasphemous posts. Also, try to post all that you have to say in one post instead of 10. It's not quantity it's quality. Like Vallia said post relavant, pertinent remarks... no one cares about your military experience. like i said before... you need help man (more help than this forum can offer to you).


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA; i don't know what is more difficult: Being a doctor in the US Army with all the technical assistance, or being the only doctor in a third world country remote area with countless C-sections, perforated appendicitis, hernias, anemia, malaria, snake poisoning...

I think your assertion is totally valid, but only for American doctors.


OK, let's begin:

first of all, AAAAA, I already have told you what I was thinking about you and your posts, see, so, I'm not going to repeat it here;
as vallia has already said, we have the problems of misunderstanding and ignorance here;
AAAAA, I'll quote the sentences you have written and comment on them:

'USMLE is not written for IMG but for American medical students and interns for Americans' - wow, that's the cool news - then what we, IMGs are doing here?

'I have many, many, many classmates scored 99% and 100% !' - was it USMLE? and they said in the score reports of your classmates - you have got 100%? do you know that 2-digit score isn't the percent of correctly answered questions? do you know that USMLE isn't providing the percent of correctly answered questions? do you know what's the correlation between 2-digit score and the percent of correctly answered questions?

'I, as an American medical student, took each part of USMLE course by course.
When I finished anatamy, we have to take the USMLE Anatomy part.'
- are you kidding, man? do you know the history of USMLE? USMLE has NEVER been a subject-wise exam since the first exam was given, neither for US/Can registrants, nor for IMGs (see, for example, - what was the REAL name of the exams you have taken? are you confusing your course and shelf exams with USMLE? if you have ever taken USMLE, could you provide your scores?

'The exam can never replace clinical experience' - who said it can? I did? no, I didn't - in my post I was just talking about how USMLE scoring system works! are you answering 'I have got blue eyes' when someone asks you 'how old are you?'? - why are you writing off-topic posts?
the same about mjl1717's 'great' off-topic monologue.

and the last, but not the least - do you know what's the purpose of yellow pencil icon at the top of your posts? YOU CAN CLICK ON IT AND EDIT YOU POSTS! as eta2008 has correctly pointed - why are you writing 10 posts instead of 1? or, maybe, you want to become 'Forum Guru' ASAP?

Edited by p53 on Jun 04, 2006 - 7:53 PM


inexperienced persons have a way of showing forth arrrogance. the experienced just look on and muse.

AAAAA you need to learn to respect others and their opinions. if you had an unusual case and almost got into trouble for it, in the medical field, what we do is to report such cases in reputable journals and other doctors will learn from it.

you did not have a typical case. am sorry you went thro so much agony but it should have taught you a lesson that you muct always 'cover your tail' and pass the buck to a superior person whenever you have doubtful case. this is not just the american experience but also a world wide experience. one thing you also need to recognise it we are from all parts of the world and not just Asia as you assumed. you do not know who we were in our respective countries. you have no idea the kind of responsibilities we all had in our respective countries and you do not have a right to allude to the fact that we are underqualified. the USMLE is a standard exam and we are compared to americans. we may not score as high but we score high enough to qualify. if you came to my country, you will not pass our exams either cos we have our own kind of diseases that you know jack about. we do not rely on laboratory to make our diagnosis, we do not have fanciful MRI to make diagnosis, we do not have blood analysers and respirators but we save thousands of life.

america is a land of opportunities and was founded as such. and until the constitution changes, every legal immigrant is welcome. by the way, i wonder if you are aware of the diversity visa lottery? america is enticing the best brains around the world and is giving them green cards to leave their country and come over.

i did not mean to write anything but i could not help adding my own piece of mind.

AAAAAA i wish you the best in your future endeavours and hopefully by the time you become a 'big gun' you would have learnt modesty.

Edited by tolito on Jun 06, 2006 - 7:18 AM


m new on this forum,but looking back on ur posts u seriously need to show a bit of modesty and a humble attitude AAAA.each one of us is working as hard as u ,perhaps a LOT more than u.
and p53 and tolito,keep up the good work,i love u guys......n u know whywink

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