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 useless LORs vs useful LORs??? for bbb and others  

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Here's a dilemma sad I'm facing regarding LORs.

Ideally one should submit application no later than Septmber (the programs can begin downloading from Sept 01).If I do so, I can only provide two LORs from home country. And if I wait till mid-sept hopefully one from Canadian source.
If I could wait till late Oct. I could add one from US and if upto late Nov. two from US [because I'm going to do the observership in US only from mid-Sept]. I also need to be aware that, it takes 7-10 days by ERAS for the LORs to be scanned and added.
While adding LORs from home country carries no value, adding the US ones too late would be of no value either.
If I add the LORs from home country now just to make the application requirements fulfilled, can I add the good ones later, would they look at those at all? Do the programs download twice for a candidate except for checking the pending CS?ECFMG certification status?
I'm also thinking what's the point of adding LORs from people who knew me yrs back! Do they at all remember what I did? Should I just add one from home-country in mid-sept and then the laters when I get them upto mid-Nov. My CS exam is in Mid-Nov and and I'm expecting interviews during DEC--JAN.
Which one is more practical, applying earlier with useless LORs or applying late with Good LORs? Please opine?

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