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 fragile X synd  

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name cardiovascular lesions common in fragile X synd...


Fragile X syndrome can include a number of connective tissue defects.

For the Circulatory system:A significant number of males and females with fragile X have mitral valve prolapse. Often in males with mitral valve prolapse, the aortic root, is dilated. These abnormalities typically occur after late childhood or adolescence.

They also can present with double jointedness and are able to hyperextend their thumbs and fingers.Males with fragile X are also more likely than their brothers to have otitis media, ear infections, prior to puberty. This may be the result of having a floppy eustachian tube that does not drain the middle ear adequately.


GOOD INFO CYRA..thanks i just knew about MVP


Also have
x-large ears
x-large testis macroorchidism
x-long face


its atriple repeat expansion disease, others in his group re myotonic dystrophy, freidrich ataxia, huntingtons chorea, and fragile x, as we know


So what letters are the repeat? I remember huntington is CAG


Myotonic dystrophy: CTG

Fragile X: CGG

Huntington: CAG

Friedrichs Ataxia: GAA


yes geroo i saw huntington and myotonic questions in q bank or somewhere



Fragile X.-CGG



good collective effort guys!

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