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 How do Programs screen candidates for interviews?  

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Dear BBB and everyone,

I understand each program usually receives a lot of applications but how do they start screening the candidates for interview?

Do they start with USMLE scores or year of graduation and USCE or personal statement or based on the completion of the application documents?

BBB, what usually catches your attention in candidates selected for interviews?



What catches my attention? It used to be the $50 bill stapled to the corner. grin But that really means that I am dating myself!

In the program that I work in, the first thing that is looked at is the year of graduation from medical school. If it's outside the limits that the PD has given me, then it goes no further. Although, if the scores are recent and stellar, then I still have the PD look at it. Especially if they candidate has been clinically active. In my program USCE means almost nothing. We hire people every year who have never touched a patient in the USA. We offer interviews based on one score. We offer interviews based on where they have gone to medical school - yes, after 15 years, I know which international schools have a good reputation, and which ones don't. Even I know that!nod

It's funny, but the personal statement that you spend hours and hours writing hardly gets looked at any longer. Although I enjoy reading them and wish that I was 2 years old and rounding with my father/grandfather/uncle/mother, etc and I wish that I knew when I was two that I wanted to be a doctorconfused

Good luck!


Dear BBB,

Thanks so much for your answers as always! You're simply the best!


What part was the best? The $50???rolling eyes

Good luck again!

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