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A patien with sever iron-deficiency anemia refractory to oral ferrous sulfate therapy is given multiple blood transfusions in preparation for surgery.She develops hemosiderosis. Which of the following microscopic findings would be expected?

1) Hepatocytes damaged by intracellular iron accumulation

2)intense lysosomal staining with methylene blue

3)storage of excess cooper in hepatocytes

4) yellow-brown granules in cell cytoplasm-


4) yellow-brown granules in cell cytoplasm-




where is this point given ssrpk???i read goljan , and searched for it not able to find this point????can u plz explain to me abt this and plz tell me where this is given.........i thought goljan was enough , this is making me depressed.......


This Q is straight from QBOOK (i just the test so believe me smiling face ) and this is the right ans


This Q is straight from QBOOK (i just did the test so believe me) and this is the best ans


I also read it in Kaplan Pathology.nod


is goljan enough guys?????i m doing 300 pages goljan,is this enough?????should i have to give kaplan a reading????


Yes answer is D.

I couldn't find the explanation in other book, so QBank said:

hemosiderosis is due to increased total body iron content and is associated with the intracellular storage of excess iron as ferritin and hemosiderin. Iron may be found not only in the organs in which it is usually found but also in the pancreas, heart, kidney, endocrine organs and skin. This iron excess may be due to high levels of dietary iron or blood transfusion.Hemosiderin, a denatured form of ferrintin, appears microscopically as yellow- granules in cytoplasm.


sorry D=4


dont worry Kar' Goljan is more than enough ; but no book will teach you every possible Q you are taught concepts to figure them out. more you get the hang of the stuff more you begin to ans "unseen" Qs


thank u kingsofke,i m forgetting alot of things ,i think only working out lot of questions will help me ...........any advice from u kingsofke


Got my step1 next month . I will be able to give better advices afterwards. smiling face


ok learn well ,..........

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