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What is the mechanism of cardiac arrythmias caused by hyperkalemia?


Mechanism of cardiac arrythmias caused by hypokalemia?


hyperkalemia - inc. membrane stability , reduce automaticity

hypokalemia - dec.membrane stability , inc automaticity


I think the Kaplan lectures have something else to say.

under normal conditions, there is a net efflux of K thru the ungated channels, so hyperkalemia will decrease this efflux or even reverse it, so that the inside of the cell becomes more positively charged, hence closer to the threshold potential. this is disaster for the excitable tissue and hence Increased automaticity.

Hypokalemia, is the other way around.

Please confirm ssrpk! Correct me if I am wrong in my thinking. Please!!


don't worry buddy, there was a very heavy discussin on this very topic previosly in this same physio.section, u may wanna check them out!




SSRPK= U have very clear basics. I like ur way of handling the questions. How many hours do you devote to studies everyday. I have seen your answers in Anatomy forum and now in Physio too. You are simply an inspiration to me. I think you have worked very hard. Have a goodone guy. U have a bright future ahead.


hi, thankyou so much for ur inspiration, am taking my step 1 exam after about 30 hrs!

thnk u so much! smiling face


Good Luck my friend.

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