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 typographical error in first aid 2005?  

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Page 309, diagram: don't positive inotropic drugs INCREASE cardiac output?


well, not necessarily, if it's a normal resting individual, then ofcourse any change in either, stroke volume or heart rate will be manuipulated by sinus reflexes as long as MAP don't change tht much; but CO will be increased dramatically in pt's who hv cardiogenic shock, tht's why in emergency settings u hv to count on dopamine or dobutamine!


In cardiogenic shock why is dobutamine better than dopamine?


in cardiogenic shock, dobutamine serves better than dopamine, becase the dobutamine is beta-1 selectve and therefore wud'nt further cause a decrease in BP as dopamine does; but dopamine has it's advantages, increase renal blood flow, protects against renal hypoperfusion and run the risk of getting ARF.

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