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 pseudo cyst  

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when to surgically remove pancreatic pseudocyst?


its me again :oops:
:?: when to surgically remove pancreatic pseudocyst? :arrow: if it is larger than 6cm, causes symptoms, and is present for over 2 months, the pseudocyst should be surgically drained


another info about it :arrow: Pseudocysts smaller than six centimeters usually disappear without intervention


Surgically remove it if > 5cm in size and persists >1mo


What means larger than 6 cms. Thickness, length.


i think it must be length...this is a cyst


Since it is a cyst, you assume it to be spherical. So dimension that is mentioned corresponds to maximum diameter on CT.
And the cyst is not removed but drained into stomach


Husband diagnosis pancreatic psuedo cyst the size of a grapefruit at the tail. Upon opening noted it was walled off and unable to separate the pancreas from the stomach, intestine the location of the cyst was not the tail but the entire pancreas. placed a long drain in the pancreas and accumulated greater than 400 cc a day. Placed a foley cath as drain and sent home after being in the hospital for 34 days. A week later the grayish fluid changed appearance from watery to thick mucous like sinus infection. Had to go back in and pull the existing tube, replace with new tube. Now want to start on im injections to stop the secretion. Been on hyper al and lipids for 4 months now. I asked about the ercp but was quickly told not right now. Husband lost over 30 pounds. Prior to all this back in June went in the hospital for phempop replacement , went bad and developed organ system shut down. Gall bladder removed, DKA, ileus of the small intestine, right lobe pneumonia, chf, and upon removal of the gallbladder a leison was noted on the pancreas but was never followed up. Six months later the pancreas became the size of a grapefruit and walled itself off. What now. :cry:


Need help


there is a well defined liquid mass visible in the pancreas and the wall has tickened a bit. located anterior of the aorta and mesenteric to the body and tail of the pancreas measuring 82mm. Pseudo cyst of the pancreas suggested

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