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 kaplan notes---urea conc??  

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hi guys

would ya tell me for physio,,,,i have kaplan notes,,r they enough????

i dont uderstand the concept of urea permeability acroSs cell memb and cappilry memb.??coz my friend got 1 question on it,but she didnt know the answer...
they asked about how much urea will diffuse into cell if it already containd 15 mg??
answer choices--25 mg,15 mg,..........???she said i choose 15 mg..

now my question is---what could change the concenteration of urea in a cell? or it will remain same

looking fwd to hearing from u guys



Urea permeability should actually follow the laws of simple diffusion.It should go from higher concentration to lower concentration untill the both the intracellular and the extracellular concentrations reach an equilibrium.

Can you reframe the question. I think there is something missing in it.

what do you say ssrpk?


ya sethi

i m agree with you..coz urea crosses cell memb 'n' capillary memb,it equilibrates..


absolutely! grin

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