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 please help me n tell me will i make it for 2006  

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m an img fr india got a 92 in step1 have jst started prep for step2 n plan to give it in oct end will 3mths be sufficient and plan to give my cs in nov end , i want to do im so what r my chances of matchin for the 2006 match n is ne1 in tha same boat as mine n also whre can i get the list of hospitals where i can apply as i plan to apply to some of the hospitals in sept with only my step1 score is this a gd idea,pls pls help me




Hi there: I am an IMG and have the same query! Can someone answer plz!!!!!!!

I dont have any impressive score (just 79) in step I, so what is your suggestion???. I actually shall be out of my 5 years cut off limit this year thats why want to apply for 2006 match???????Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bbb give me detailed response as what dates should I choose for CK and CS..... I m working v. hard for step 2 but what is ur suggestion? Should I go for 2007 match after studying for 6/7 months for step II???????oh!!!!! I'm sssoooooooo confused......plz help me and advise me..Thanks


hi guys,

good to know that there are other ppl in the same situaton as i am. cleared step1 and plannin to give step2 in september end or mid october nad cs in nov. wanna desperately make it for this years match. currently in u.s and goin to give my exams here on b1/b2. it expires in dec. so have to give both exams before that and also the interviews.

anybody has any suggestions?


Is there anyone who can give suggestions please?


will 3mths be sufficient I guess that would depend on your study habits

what r my chances of matchin for the 2006 match - it's going to depend on your scores, your interview habits, how you interact, etc....

whre can i get the list of hospitals where i can apply as i plan to apply to some of the hospitals in sept with only my step1 score - There really isn't a complete list except at the FRIEDA site


hello every1....i hav the same question.....i plan to apply for the 2006 match...i'm done with step1....can any1 plz giv a suggestion as to wen can i giv step 2 n csa by latest in order to apply 4 a residency n manage to get sum interviews.....any reply wud b appreciated b/c i'm very confused.......thnx


I am in the same boat. Took step 1, studying for step 2 ck right now and plan to take ck in late Sept or early Oct. I asked kaplan staff about timing, he told me I should try get step 2 ck score available by mid November. That's about the time Program directors decide who to invite for interview. As for CS, try have the score available during your interview so you can tell them you passed. Most interviews are from Dec to Feb.


Most program directors will have started interviews by mid-November. Most programs (at least in this area) interview from mid-November through late January.

By mid-November 80% of my available interviews have been filled......


hi bbb , regards. u r very helpful. i am done with my step 1 and 2 and took step 2 cs 20 days ago. waiting for result. and got myself registered for eras. shall i start applying by using eras now or i should wait till my csa result is out and i get ecfmg certificate. also in step 2 my scores r below 80 while in step 1 above 90. i graduated out of med school 2 and half year ago and have 1 year experience in internal med as house officer in my home country. i am currently in usa on permanent residence basis and will be having green card by end of dec.

can u please tell me what should i do now this time. how to utilise it in better way to increasemy chances of getting im residency. what r my chances of getting int medicine with the above mentioned credentials. [ pass first attempt, recent graduate, i dont need j1 or h1, scores 79 and step1 93. ] kindly advice please.

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