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 I passed the CSA  

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Hi everyone,

I got my ECFMG score report yesterday. I passed the CSA. I am very happy I will match this year.


:P :P :P :P

HI!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
It's a big deal,really a great achievment for you !!!!!!



can u give examples of cases that came. any tips about passing


do we have to ask sexual,social history in every case and various systemic exam. even when not related to complaint


in female patients how one can examine chest anteriorly and remove gown without compromising modesty.


You just have to use your own judgement on the sexuality questions. I think I asked in every case and made it standard. I don't think it will hurt you if you ask it the right way for example if you say Mr. X now I am going to ask you a few questions about your sexual history but don't worry everything will be confidential... etc again you just have to use your judgement.


"Anonymous" wrote:
in female patients how one can examine chest anteriorly and remove gown without compromising modesty.

You never do a breast, rectal, and pelvic exams for the CSA. Its not allowed but can always order as one of your diagnostic tests.


"standard Mnemonic LIQORAAA PAM HUGS WA FOSS"
hello , will you please explain this mnemonic


he has already explained in post.look carefully


I found out last week that I also passed.

My cases were mostly IM- neuro vs psych
one Gynae, no peds at all

Ask lots of questions
Just go thtough the motions of examining, if there was any pathology , i missed it completely.

Good luck- remember 80% pass



hello friends. i m planning to take csa. n i admit i dont know anything about it. can anybody tell me right form scratch , i.e. how to prepare n how to apply ,etc. thanks


hey congradulations!
i have a q to ask?
i did my csa about 3 months ago and they mailed the csa result about one month ago,but it looks like that it was lost in the mail,now ive been visiting the ecfmg oasis site for the last 2 weeks and they did not send me the ecfmg certificate yet! does tht mean that i failed the csa?ive sent a request for another result paper but did not get it yet!!!,how long did it take them to tell you that they sent you your ecfmg certificate?
thank you!


My step1 score had lost.
I sent a fax to this # 001-215-386-9767 and they sent me another one in a weak.
It's the fax of score coordination. Try it.
Also, you can send an e-mail to the Info. You can find it in the ECFMG web site (contact us?). This is may help.
I wish toy pass your CSA exam.
I'm preparing for it now.

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