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WELCOME TO ALL SERIOUS STUDENTS,we r going to cover dailyaround 20 pages hopes so everyone copes with it.I am a serious student just started my first reading from kaplan books,i am invting ppl like me plz plz only kaplan books for discussion we r not going to use any other sources for now,We r going to begin with pathology and,aim to cover all the subjects one by one mostly kaplan books,as a whole team,with FULL DEDICATION & CO-OPERATION.REMEMBER : EVERY THING NEEDS TIME,CONCENTRATION & PASSION...ENJOY WHATEVER U DO,ONCE CAREER MADE SUCCCESS COMES ITS WAY,SO BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF U.

nod we have successfully covered pathology discussion earlier. now will


28th july: section 1=chp 1,2

membrane transport

body compartments

29th july:
nod no meeting its off relax...smiling face

30th july :section2= chp 1,2,3

inonic equilibrium& resting membrane potential

neuron action potential,synaptic transmission.

31st july: section 3=chp1,2

general aspects of cvs

regulation of blood flow

1st aug :
section4=chp1,2 skeletal muscle

excitation contraction coupling

skeletal mucle mechanics

2nd aug:section5= chp 1,2 cardiac muscle

3rd aug:section 6=chp 1,2 respiration

lung mechanics

alveolar blood gas exchange

4th aug:section6=chp3,4 respiration

transport of oxygen and co2

four causes of hypoxemia

5th aug: shaking headno meeting its off so relax..

6th aug:section7 =chp1,2 renal physiology

renal processes


7th aug:section7 chp3 + section 8

regional transport

acid base disturbances

8th aug:section 9=chp1,2,3 endo

mechaniasm of hormone

pitutary,adrenal hormones

9th aug:chp 4,5 ADH,pancreas

10th aug:chp6,7 growth hormore, Adrenal medulla

11th aug:chp8,9 hormonol control of ca,po4,thyroid

12th aug:grin no meeting its off...relax..smiling face

13th aug:chp 10,11 male ,female reproductive system

14th aug:

15th aug:
discussion of qs

16th aug:
discussion of qs

shocked End of physiology cool

any change in schedule according to the chat will b notified.

next scedule will b posted same place .

i would recommend u all to do daily QS with it with the regarding chps as well do try ur maximium to listen to cd or dvds of the concerning chp as it will clear the concepts more.futher doubts will b cleared and discussed in the chat room

Timings of the study chat discussion are strictly sharp ,12:30 pm central USA time,1.30 eastern USA time,UAE time 9 30 pm ,india 11 pm,pak 10 30 for time conversion kindly refer to the site below... converter.asp

any suggestions or queries you r free to ask.


Edited by umi on Jul 30, 2005 - 8:06 AM



I'd like to join the chat and let me in too

I dunno where to chat

Thanx a lots


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