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pl explain the + and - reult of

a. rotation test

b. absolute bone conduction test


no idea


Know about Bone conduction test in comparision to air conduction (Rinne) and lateralising (weber) but never heard about absolute bone conduction.?

Rotation test is done to assess functioning of vestibular system.Put on a seat which rotates. First it will accelerate and putting hairs into traction due to inertia of bony structure (?lith man i forgot sad ) into which hairs are embeded now traction is Opposite to direction of Inertia and eyes will deviate away from stimulation normally(i.e. towards direction of rotation) and then chair is stoped and it deccelerates back to zero and now traction to hairs is towards the directon of rotation as that stony structure was moving and had inertia and so eyes deviate opposite now. So nystagmus sets in at start and then at end and recorded by electrodes and you can interpret wether the changes were normal or not. Usually a very sensitive test for nystagmus and vertigo. (sorry its been time that i read it in my ent book)


thanks a lot that was quite helpful


And yes Absolute bone conduction is done with audiometer (as for audiometery but with a transducer to apply around mastoid)

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