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 Renin-Angiotensin system  

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How many organs participate in the renin angiotensin system:


4 organs:kidneys,liver,lungs,adrenal glands.


hows tht? whts lung n liver doing?


How about 5 if you add the cardiovascular system. Everything is starting and finishing there.
The RAS is regulating the BP in the long run whereas the carotid sinus regulates the acute changes.


angiotensinogen an alpha2 globulin is synthetized in the liver and ACE 2 is present in the lungs.


Makes sense that ACE 2 is in the lungs because remember in sarcoidosis, you have increase in ACE.


Makes sense that ACE 2 is in the lungs because remember in sarcoidosis, you have increase in ACE.


yes, ithnk it should be 5 including CVS


what about GI


Hiwa I dont understand why would you mention GI?
But the Hypothalamus can be also considered as there is some control of Aldosterone by the ACTH levels,although the major regulation is done by the Rennin Angiotensin system. :?


Aldosterone also promotes Na+ reabsorption in the distal colon, sweat glands and salivary gland ducts.. Maybe that's why Hiwa mentions it.. But all these are not the major effects and i don't think they should be counted..
Aldosterone has no direct effect on the CVS.. it acts only on the kidneys and promotes the reabsorption of Na+ (accompanied by water).. Rise in BP should be considered a secondary effect in response to the increased volume.
Also, angiotensin II acts mainly by promoting aldosterone secretion though it has a minor vasoconstricting effect...
Therefore, I don't think CVS should be considered. What's the answer Maty

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