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 categ. surgery in comm. hosp VS good indian hosp  

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hi guys
what do u think is better - categorical surgery in a community hospital in US or surgery in an good hospital in India?

this is keeping in mind that I want to do fellowship later on - not sure which right now, and most probably will like to settle in india later on (while working in a damn good hospital in delhi/mumbai). so with this in mind, what would be advisable?

(and how about categorical surg in a university based hosp VS in a good indian hospital)?


I am gonna reframe as got pm thats its not understandable smiling face

I want to do general surgery, followed by a surgical speciality(leaning towards Cardiothoracic but still 2 early to say) and then most probably work in India at a major hospital in delhi/mumbai

For this I would like to choose the best option. the three options are:

1) Categorical general surgery in a community hospital in US followed by fellowship in US and then come back to india

2) Categorical general surgery in a university hospital in US followed by fellowship in US and then come back to india

3) General Surgery in a good Indian hospital followed by fellowship in India and then stay in India.

Option 2 looks like the best but is pretty difficult. so out of 1 and 3 which is the better? and also more realistic?


grin Hi maverick, colleague, i wanna be surgeon, too, and maybe cardiothoracic surgeon too.

You have 3 very good options maverick. I don´t know about the level of medicine in India, so I can´t tell you about number 3. What I know is that it´s probably better to study in a university hospital, so I´d choose number 2 (why you say it´s pretty difficult????, if you´ve gotten a categorical position I doubt it´s gonna be difficult for you).

So my guess is number 2, but I don´t know India, if the level of medicine/surgery is very good too and your plans are to come back to work to India, then it´s a draw. You choose.

Hope this helps a little smiling face


well no I havent got a categorical position yet. will be applyng for 2006 match smiling face thanks


oh, i didn´t know it. Maverick what are you gonna do? have you decided ?? smiling face


hello maverick

i am presently in kem hosp mumbai which is considered the best in india for cvts but i can say one thing, getting first a pg seat is very difficult and then after 3 years down the line work for your super-speciality another uphill task.moreover to get cvts you have to be in first three ranks.then do you know what is done in cvts? at the end of your cvts course you would have have hardly done 1 or 2 open heart surgeries.many residents in india have left cvts due to sheer frustation. i really dont know the situation in us but these are my experiences in india



wow, cardiovascular and thorcic surgery. That´s what I would like to be. Congratulations friend_pl ! grin


hey maverick - wish i had caught ur post earlier. My plan is the same as urs - study surgery abroad and then go back and practise in india. just sent off my applications thru eras. i guess u might know that surgery is one of the tough specialties in the us, thats why i am here in the uk looking for some jobs as well. why dont we try and coordinate something - whats ur email id? we could talk - mine is [email protected]


guys are u sure one can practice surgery in india without actually doin a sX residency in india that is without a M.S.??????????


why not? any private hospital would jump for ur services. as far as i know u will not be allowed to practise in a govt setup or teach in the medical colleges. other than that there shold be no problem

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