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 HIV Theories(maybe???)  

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I am new here and this is my first post. I have some theories(or at least important questions) regarding viruses and HIV in particular.

I don't know a lot about viruses and I am doing (CCE) Computer Communications Engineering at HCU(Hariri Canadian University) in Lebanon.

Yet my interests are biology,chemistry,and psychology. I have formulated some "theories" for each, but I'm here to post some medicie theories only.

HIV changes its antigens right???, yet it still preserves its role(as a T-lymphocyte destroyer I believe), and I'm not sure if all viruses may attack T-lymphocytes too, or whether or not each one has a specific mission or target in the human body.

If yes, then something in the HIV virus isn't changing at all, and it is the core of every virus. This same thing is what distinguishes the roles of viruses. So, why not discover what that thing is and target it to eliminate it.

Also the virus may be changing its antigens in a certain pattern(randomly yes I know, but all its "isotopes" are still HIV and should have something in common, and if we manage to find out this pattern, we can calculate all the other possibilities, and determine the anti-bodies pattern!!!

I got to read more to develop these questions, I need a good DNA book because I figuered that its where I should start.

I won't be disappointed to know that these theories aren't applicable.
Instead, I'd like to know if I'm on the right road or not. I can still develop much more I believe but all I need is more knowledge.

Can anybody help???


I think you should understand immunology first


yeah thanks, I was thinking the same.

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