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 limbic system  

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what is the function of the amygdala.??what is the other name for it??and if there is a lesion in the amygdala what happens???


An almond-shaped neuro structure involved in producing and responding to nonverbal signs of anger, avoidance, defensiveness, In an anxious meeting, e.g., we may unconsciously flex our arms, lean away, or angle away from colleagues who upset us. Lip, neck, and shoulder muscles may tense as the amygdala activates brain-stem circuits designed to produce protective facial expressions e.g., TENSE-MOUTH and protective postures e.g., BOW and CROUCH). The amygdala also prompts releases of adrenaline and other hormones into the blood stream, thus stepping-up an avoider's response and disrupting the control of rational thought.

"The amygdala coordinates the actions of the autonomic and endocrine systems and is involved in emotions.The amygdala may be part of a "general-purpose defense response control network. "Unpleasant odours . . . activate the amygdala and the cortex in the temporal lobe (insula).

Amygdala is a part of limbic lobe which is also called as limbic system or rhinencephalon.

So a lesion to it means next time I irritate u , u wil not tense ur muscles or raise ur eyebrow.

Well seriously reports says it is connected to brain stem so apart from the above things patients show restlessness n hyperactivity……


its a very interesting topic.... put a search on it..........

here so more info........ it is also connected with hippo..... take it this way if u have a memory then it helps to differtiate it as a good memory or bad one....... if u try to recall a bad memory the hand sweat , tensed mouth... all that is due AMYGDALA......... MOSTLY IT IS ASSOCAITED WITH FEAR BAD MEMORIES OR HAPPENINGS.............

SO does that mean NO amygdala NO fear EVERYONE IS BATMAN>FIND IT OUT..........raised eyebrow


thanks for all the info..much more than what i expected!!!!!

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