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Which GLUT transport fructose to the sperm???


i don't think frutose is directly transported to sperm....rather glucose is reduced to sorbitol and then soribtol is converted to fructose via sorbitol dehydrogenase! confused


I don't know abt this effect.....

If so then thnx for nice info.....

It is GLUT-5..


Fructose is secreted in seminal vesicle fluid.....


thnx.....i did'nt know abt the transporter

just to add! monosaccarides are converted to their respective sugar alcohols in several tissues for eg. sorbitol especially in the event of high blood glucose (DM) .....however not all tissues hv the capacity to oxidize them and these are the tissues tht shows diff. pathology in DM [retina,lens,kidney tubulues ,nerve, schwaan cells]; tissues tht do hv the capacity to oxidize them(dehydrogenase) are not affected [testes,ovaries, liver]....also this is the same mechanism by which liver utilize dietary sugar alcohols!


so finally is fructose is tranport to the sperm directly or 1st glucose...sorbitol then fructose....

I agree with ur point in DM....major pathophysio: role of sorbitol....


How is the fructose produced in the seminal vesicles in the first place? And moroever, does the consumed fructose affect the fructose produced in the seminal vesicles. . Also, if there were to be certain references from which this information can be obtained please direct me. I'd Appreciate any help that can be provided.

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