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 Some Qs about the hx  

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Dear colleagues,

Could you please help me with some questions?

1) When we ask about the Past medical history, can we just ask in general like " Any other medical problems in the past or currently?", is this enough?

2) When we ask about the Family history, can we ask in general or do we have to ask specifically about certain conditions ?

3) Do we have to take a full menstrual and ob/gyn hx with all women, or just with the ones that have sx that might be related to those areas?

4) About sexual hx, do we have to do a full one on all SPs , or only on the ones where the sx might be related to aspects involved in the sex behavior?

5) In the end, when we tell them what we're considering , can we just mention let's say the first two dd and the first two tests that we want to run on them?

Thanks and good luck to everyone.


Hi friscan2b,
1.when we ask about past hx - hx of similiar compliants in the past , any other significant hx
2.again family hx also - hx of similiar complaints & any important hx ,for eg; in a case of chest pain , anyone in the family has HT, DM , high lipid levels etc
3.Ob/gn hx where ever the symptoms are relavent. for eg ;in a case of pain abd in a 35yr old f pt -one could think of tubal preg , torsion ovarian cyst,pid etc.
4. yes for sexual hx where it makes sense.
5. 2-3 tests & 2-3 diagnosis explanation should be good.
Hope this helps .

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