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 tt. for infantile spasms.  

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infantile spasms tt.what do u see in what condition u see infantile spasms.


seen in tuberous sclerosis


infantile spasms is confusing terminology, as it has been used to refer to both a specific seizure type and a complete epilepsy syndrome

infantile spasms (also referred to as epileptic spasms or simply spasms) is characterized by brief, but often repetitive, muscle contractions usually involving the head, trunk, and extremities.

The epilepsy syndrome of infantile spasms (also known as West syndrome) consists of the triad; epileptic spasms, a typical interictal EEG pattern, know as hypsarrhythmia on EEG, and mental retardation

Treatment; corticosteroids such as ACTH and prednisone

Good lock


that´s correct bobby, in treatment you can give valproic acid, too.

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