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 hypocalcemic tetany  

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can anybody explain to me d mechanism of hypocalcemic tetany?i know it causes increased excitability of d nerve fibers.but how?


it's just a speculation tht Ca++ binds to the extrecellular component of voltage gated Na+ channels and modulate it's responsiveness! thereby dec. Ca++ levels will lead to enhanced sensitivity to incoming stimuli.


as you know Skl. muscles are not dep. on EC Ca++. they use their own sarcoplasmic depot.
i think hypo-Ca simply decreases the threshold for depolarization at the endplates similar to the axons which leads to more frequent EPAPs which cuase tetany.


hey! tht aint convincin enough.someone help me out!darius r u sure?


ssrpk is rite....
Ca+ compete for Na.
If Ca level is rise it compete for Na & cause dec: excitibility of neurons..
& If Ca level dec: then there is inc: sensitivity to Na+......Tetany.

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