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 Q12 -- benefit drug after MI  

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Which of the following medications has/have been shown to be of benefit in some post-MI patients?

a. b-blockers
b. CCBs
c. aspirin
d. a and c
e. all of the above


a and c


In Swanson, it says CCBs benefits patients with non-Q wave MI. New to me, what do you think?


Do you mean the answer is "e" ?


sorry, what is CCBs?


calcium channel blocker. i think ans is a&c


I agree with usmleasr.. choice d


ok, then i would say D.


I agree with answer d, CCB's dont decrease myocardial mortality and are only used if there is some major contraindication to use of Beta blockers (Kaplan for usmle step3)

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