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 for friends who have done with step 3...  

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Is the CCS software very slow in the exam??...when I practise cases, in the CD given by NBME,it is bit fast, and even if I type amoxycillin oral, it confirms by asking again...Is it the same in Exam?..Please help....


Don't worry, you wont have any problems in the exam.


Hi nonstopdoc,
Thanks for support..I have 6 weeks time..and will not be able to do in week ends.. Could u suggest me some effective way to be done with this exam....


Passing step 3 isnt a very big deal but depends on how fresh is the stuff in your mind, when did you take your step 2 and how much contact you are having with your books.

I took 5-6 weeks to prepare for step 3 and if you took your step 2 not long ago than 6 weeks should be fine if all you want is to pass.

I cant tell you any sure shot thing but what I did was fairly simple.

I re read kaplan notes for step 2 (I didn’t had step 3 ones). Read few chapters from swanson, the ones that werent covered in kaplans. Read 3-5 chapters from CMDT. I did questions from Kaplan qbook. Didn’t do Qbank or usmleworld cuz time wasn’t enough.
Subscribed to usmleworld for ccs and they IMO are more than enough for the exam when it comes to ccs.

That was all that I did and I got 86 which I think are more than I hoped for.

CCS are very easy and straight forward in the real exam and will often end in 10 to 15 minutes so don’t worry about them and read all the case from usmleworld ccs. Mcqs are long and sometimes tough especially if you never had any post grad clinical experience but than you don’t need to know everything. All you need is to score 75.

Good luck


Hi, nonstopdoc1 ....I am probably "out time" but what it is CMDT?. I am preparing for step 3, did step 2, six years ago therefore most of my " exam preparation" is gone. Please elaborate over those and let us know how much you got in Q book when you did it. Thank you


Hi nonstopdoc,
Thanks for ur support..Great to have encouraging friends like u ..I took step 2 6 months ago, still should be able to do it...Thanks for the info..
CMDT is Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment..All the best..


Thank you, uslmeasr. What about the washington manual? I mean to review a few subject. I had done Kaplan but feel they did not cover some mayor subject, but I do not know if that is b/c is not important for the test....
Best luck with your results

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