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 Respiratory Phys (Ventilation-Perfusion)  

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If alveolus X has a ventilation-perfusion ratio of 0.85 and alveolus Y has a ventilation perfusion ratio of 0.65, then

1. Which alveolus has
a. the higher PO2
b. the hihher PCO2

2. Capillary blood leaving which alveolus will have
a. the greatest O2 content
b. the greatest CO2 content
c. the highest pH

This is outta kaplan... I am having a hard time understanding the second part ( 2a-c ( )........i'd really appreciate if u'd take the time to explain it to me... D D



if u understand no.1 then u shud'nt be hving problem with 2 as well!

simple! alveloar PO2 equilibrates with capillary PO2 ... capillary leavng the alveolus with higher PO2 (X) will hv higher PO2, less CO2 and subsequently high pH!

on the contrary,capillary passing through alveolus with lower PO2 will hv higher CO2 ans lesser pH!


u know what.... that helps alot... thnx alot for ur help!!



u are most welcome smiling face

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