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Which one of RBF, GFR, FF is related to the most amount of oxygen that the kidney consume?


GFR determines the oxygen consumptioin b the kideny not FF


I think it is RBF.....
GFR is 90% of plasma filtration.....not 100%
10% of this goes to supply nutrition to capsule....this is independent on GFR....
Plz correct me if I am wrong..... 8)


yeah but th O2 consumption by the capsule is nothing in comparison to wht kideny consumes inorder to maintain it's tubular fuctyion......thnx to Na/K pump!

GFR is correct!


Please state the sources, otherwise this is nothing but a heated discusion. Both of u have guud arguments.


well they are from kaplan lectures straight away.......he mentioned this question during lecture on kidneys!

why wud source matter so much..????


Because in today┬┤s world of evidence-based medicine you have to trust an objective source. Even if u guys are very smart and are prone to make judgement calls. :icon_scratch:


thnx to the forum!

very unlikely for a wrong judgement to remian unnoticed here! grin

but yeah it's pretty guud to double check on everything! 8)

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